I had this friend who worked at a big corporation. Always, he would complain about his boss and how difficult she is to work with. Soon it became the only thing we talked about, so I had to ask him “what exactly does your boss do that gets you so angry?”

After moments of insipid nagging and complaining, he finally answered and said “whenever I come to work late even if it’s just five minutes, she likes to give me quarries, she always act so bossy, she walk around with attitude all the time, not that she’s even married or have any child, she’s the oldest at the board meeting but everyone calls her ‘miss’ and that’s not a problem to her, she just wants to give me a hard time; God! She’s a bitch” he said.

Knowing that he is always late to work, I had to ask “if your boss was male, would he give you a quarry for coming late when it has become more of a habit for you?” He couldn’t answer my question, all he could say was “she is just arrogant”

A month later he lost his job, now he goes around town saying that he lost his job because he had a woman as a boss and that women in a powerful position always make life unbearable for everyone of their subordinates.

Fact is; he lost his job due to insubordination and lateness, he had no work ethics and that’s the reason why.

Others could have respect for the boss but he couldn’t because she’s a woman. She is; older than him, has more work experience and is ahead of him but he couldn’t respect her experience and achievements, all he could see was that she was a woman and was unmarried.

If the boss was an unmarried man, his gender wouldn’t have mattered, his domineering attitude wouldn’t have bothered him, and he wouldn’t have been too “bossy”

Having the right work ethics is not about whom you are working for or working with, it’s about you and the principles you choose to uphold.

In an economy where multitudes are jobless, you that have been able to secure a job, have to be found blameless, have to do your job right and be on time too, else those ferocious piranhas would quickly replace you.

You might be saying “I nor even want dis kind mumu work ooo, dis one na salary sef? I won get my own company” still you got to do this job right till you get yours. Because my dear, people are going to work for you, not robots and you will not be pleased if they are slobs.

Works better, be better and when you get your own thing going for you, you will not be an hypocrite when you ask your employees to do a good job, you would be able to say “I nor do my Oga like dis ooo…”

Some want a big title but you don’t want to do the responsibilities, you fall behind in your duties making your boss look bad before his or her own bosses and then you accused them of maliciously victimising you because of your gender, tribe, religion or any other excuse you can lay hands on.

Mind you, I’m not oblivious to people who truly have the plight of vindictive bosses and colleagues who fervently stand against them in their office because of their tribe, gender, religion or job efficiency. These very hard working people are not our topic of discussion today.

It’s not a matter of who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines who you are. Do a good job, it might not be where you want to be but don’t destroy another’s ladder to build yours…


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26 thoughts on “WORK ETHICS

  1. Comrade Dennis Mene says:

    I absolutely agree with your submission and I pray that readers will learn a good working habit from this piece .Thanks God bless

  2. Some men can be so arrogant, calling a hard working woman a bitch because he can’t keep to time. Anyway. She is the boss no matter what name he choose to call her. Nice one Tasha, very good that u pointed this out

  3. Every stage has its own rules,likewise everything we do. Obedience is the first commandment. Thanks Tasha for this wonderful insight.

  4. I work at a company where I’m constantly undermined because of my gender I understand this very much nice one Tasha

  5. It’s not a matter of who you are underneath; it’s what you do that defines who you are. Do a good job, it might not be where you want to be but don’t destroy another’s ladder to build yours. This is gold

  6. Some persons don’t follow company Rules n ethics. Insubordination has cost many their Jobs. Thanks for the awareness u shown here. Nice work Dear

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