Yesterday I was on a bus and this guy stepped in, my first thought was “oh, what a cute guy” then he spoke and my thought was “ewww, not so cute”.

There are well dressed people, with beautiful make-ups and expensive clothes, walking the streets with the most incredibly awful personalities. Sadly, we see what’s on the outside and not wait till they unveil their inside before we make conclusion, then later, when their true nature has been revealed, we feel deceived.

I don’t need to tell you that what people portray on the outside is rarely who they truly are, you know this for yourself, you have seen enough to understand that the girls with the perfect smile might have an ogre personality.

And that guy wearing a suit and getting up from chairs for elderly people might be a women-beating-coward. He might be the kind of man that will make your life a living hell and make you swear off men for the rest of your life.

Matter of fact, you have to watch well before you get in deep with anyone. It’s no secret that we can’t completely know anyone but at least make an attempt to see beyond his or her outward features.

I have seen it too much; I have heard too many stories of it to be comfortable. You see a girl who gave her heart to all the wrong men for so long then she wakes up one morning and decides to quit been so nice, now she transfer that aggression to every other man, the ones who have no idea what wrong she had allowed to be heaped on her.

Some men come around and say, “all women are the same” yes, you have met three or four women with likely personalities, have you wondered if there is something in you that attracts these women? Or maybe you concentrate too much on their outward looks and pay no attention to the signs they showed you in the beginning.

Like the way she talked to her parents, the way she addresses strangers or the way she just sits at home all day with no goal or ambition.  Did you ever try to pay any attention to all that? No, you just saw her round waist and robust butt.

Well, all women are not the same, but yes, the world is flooded with vicious creatures, and these include both the male and female gender. But at least, look beyond the outside attributes.

And most importantly, don’t pour out the frustration from an old relationship onto the new one, if you are hurt from your last relationship then, pause, wait a while, before journeying onto the next one.

Don’t pour out negative energy into the dating world; you don’t have to be in a relationship every minute of your life. Rest, relax and then be the right person to the next person and if they can’t be that to you in return, let them go.

What’s on the inside is who you are, ignore the outside, some of them are just performing, they are perfect actors, who don’t need directors or scripts but if you are vigilant and patient, they will rear their ugly heads in little situations where they didn’t know that you were paying attention and you will see them for who they truly are. A beautiful personality or an ugly filthy inside…


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27 thoughts on “WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE?

  1. Don’t pour out negative energy into the dating world; you don’t have to be in a relationship every minute of your life.

  2. And I love this one…”Rest, relax and then be the right person to the next person and if they can’t be that to you in return, let them go.
    Thanks Tasha.

  3. “Rest, relax and then be the right person to the next person and if they can’t be that to you in return, let them go…” I love this one.

  4. You are right am so friendly but then i potray a tough me and some people feel am a snub and tend to say things like she forming and all that but really am so soft hearted and want to reach out to them and be a friend but am scared of being taken for granted and so i tend to hide the inside me and let them judge with what on the outside#KAREN#

  5. Francis Idama Jr says:

    There are always treasures to glean from every of your posts and this one is not different. Here are some practical wisdom I gleaned from this post.

    1.We humans generally wear social masks- what we want the world to see- different from our real self. Actors and actresses ..no wonder shakespeare said ‘the world is a stage’. this is why we have to tread with caution.

    2.In one of the paragraphs you talked about Transference. many relationships suffer because one or both parties bring baggage like fears,insecurity,hurts from their previous into this new one. This is one of the bane of relationships. You hear statements like ‘All men are the same’ from these kind of persons

    3.No one who is incapable of being alone is ever ready for relationship. True relationships are the ones that both party are capable of staying alone but they choose to be with each other. it’s more of a matter of choice than of necessity

    Thank you Natasha, keep inspiring us..

  6. If only People will learn their mistakes through this post. Lust has really done lot of damage to present day relationship. God bless u for educating us on this. U are Talented and Gifted.

  7. I always tell people that the fact that you meet a girl or a boy in the church does make him or her the perfect person for you,everyone in church are actors and actresses,when you meet them at home,you go feAr,NICE write up NAtasha,keep it up

  8. Pretence is a real factor in a relationship. People pretending to be who dey are not till u go deep and find it out

  9. Comrade Dennis Mene says:

    This is the reason why its often said that all that glitters are not gold because you may beautiful and have an excellent look but deep inside ,its what I called character assassination.

    Its often also said that all women are the same or all men are the same not because of anything else but they have the same attribute of a women or men in them but they are not all totally bad.

  10. Ifewario Israel says:

    Wow, you have said it all, I wish we can be truthful in every of our dealings as humans, than our inside wont be different from the outside. Thanks dear

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