We should BRAG

Few sundays ago, I was on a bus returning from church, I sat next to this two ladies who were talking about their boyfriends, all through the ride, this ladies didn’t pause for breath.

“If you hear the one wey e come do, this man wicked” “na God i dey look for im body oo” these were the kind of remarks they were making about their men and I was just there, couldn’t help but listen.

Something about their conversation made me realise that this happens a lot with couples, when they have to talk about their boyfriend/girlfriend they always capitalise on heir flaws.

“Guy, how your babe? That one dey jare, you know how woman mata be na” It’s not right, and most definitely it’s not pleasing to the ears.

How about we try a different approach? Brag about our spouses instead of advertising their flaws, at least once in a while.

A friend of mine came to me once telling me how inconsiderate her boo was and how he never tries to appreciate her. I just shook my head in pity because the previous day, her boo was just telling me about how incredible she was and how much he appreciates her patience and understanding.

I just wondered why he can’t tell her this? He would say, appreciating her might get into her head but not appreciating her is getting into her head as well and breaking her heart.

Someone told me that if you tell your friends how great your boyfriend is, they might try to seduce him and I asked her, if you know this about your friends, then why are they still your friends?

It does not have to be daily, but you should definitely do it. Once in a while, show appreciation; let them know that you see all the effort they are making and that you are grateful.

Let me ask you this, if you are a father and you were inside your sitting room hearing your son tell his friend that his father is a great man, that he is strong and powerful and he takes very good care of him and his mummy. Will you not be inspired to do more?

What if you are a parent and you were sitting in the sitting room, hearing your child tell his friend that his father is a stupid man, always drunk and can’t afford his school fees. How will that make you feel?

It always helps when we can put ourselves in other’s shoes. Learn to brag about your man, everyone has flaws so don’t concentrate on his. If there is nothing good about him I’m sure you wouldn’t be with him.

When others try to make him out as bad, tell them about the part of him that they don’t know, defend him. Tell them, he is warm, kind and sweet. Even if it’s a lie, if you keep it up, one day it would be the truth.

No one is saying you shouldn’t share with your bestie, and get their advice on different situations but it’s not every day that you share their flaws.

Oya, today is bragging day. Go to the comment section and tell us one thing great about your man or your lady… Time to brag.


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24 thoughts on “WE Should BRAG

  1. Great work ma. Let me start by braging about myself.
    I’m one great intelligent guy who can kill a cobra with my bare hands. Buhari called me yesterday for a brief meeting but I was too busy to attend so I promise to meet him whenever I have the time. I’m not proud it’s just how nature has bless me.

  2. She’s just awesome.. Patience unrelentless,love never waned,prayers endless!D truth is,i’m lucky 2hav crossed path,and 2hav such a special being,in my life!

  3. Stanley Agidee says:

    Although no man is perfect but she is great lovely and kind always reassuring.who nor like better thing, my girl is great

  4. Nice one,but truth be told i would have heed to your call for bragging but bragging means talking boastfully or giving self glorification and of which wr you and i know God resists the proud. Hahahhahaha ??

  5. Stanley Agidee says:

    She is always warm cool and calm very intelligent and respectful,beautiful, love to model up and very godly and allows only me.She influences me a lot I thank God for who she is.

  6. Great note and for those who are victim of this needs to correct their attitude towards their boo and do what’s right.. Salute babe!

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