They say; when someone says to you “we need to talk” just know that you have either done something wrong, or they have something to confess, either way, it’s a bad situation.

Majority of broken relationships are caused by a deficiency of communication. If there is one thing which its existence can bring two people together so easily and the lack of it pull them apart just as easily, it’s communication.

It’s by far the highest vitality of a relationship. Open communication is what creates the strongest bond in every relationship. You talk, share and express yourselves and just like that, you both become stronger.

So, why would two people who claim they want their relationship to work, find it so difficult to communicate with each other? Why would they not make an effort to be certain that their spouse actually understands whatever they are communicating?

Sometimes it’s hard, believe me, I understand that, but my understanding is not going to help you in that situation you are in right now with your spouse.


  1. Find a serene environment
  2. Get your mind settled
  3. Devoid yourself of blame (don’t begin by ascribing blame to the other person)
  4. Ask the questions that gives you concern, share the thoughts in your mind, clearly.
  5. Be willing to listen (make sure you allow them finish a sentence before you jump in. Don’t interrupt.)
  6. Make amends.

You see, the lack of communication is not the lack of words; you can talk from here to Jericho and still not really communicate.

Words are good, but sometimes it fails us, we use them so frequently that they loss their purpose.

The words “I love you” can be said in many different ways and “words” are the least believable of all the ways you can say “I love you” why? Because actions speaks louder than words.

You can use these examples I have given you but without the willingness to make amends, it could be assumed that there was in fact no communication.

They say “when there is a will, there is always a way” if you are willing to make a relationship work, then you communicate. When you begin to feel a shift in the other person’s behaviour, you address it.

That doesn’t mean, you nag them about every little thing, you watch, observe and learn. And when you actually bring your concerns to his or her attention, it would be heard better and given proper attention.

“We need to talk” shouldn’t always be a call for alarm, it should also be a call to grow and become stronger together…


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6 thoughts on “WE NEED TO TALK

  1. It was a nice post becos wen dat phrase “we need to talk” is used xpecially in our society, dere’s always a negative thought trend dat accompanies it. Bt pple fail to knw dat communication is d master key ingredient in a relationship.
    Keep up d good wrk tasha! Always knw I luv wat u doing and am ur No1 fan

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