I went through a faze while I was growing up that I wanted to be a criminal master mind. When I would watch a movie, I see the victim, the hero and then the villain, I would be so attracted to the villain and would be rooting for him/her to win and then, I would be so disappointed when he is defeated, fortunately, a new villain always seem to show up in the movie.

I didn’t quite understand that, but I was grown enough to know that it was wrong for me to feel that way and I didn’t express this to anyone. In fact, I think this is the very first time I’m sharing this.

Anyways, as I grow up, my mind began to open to what I was feeling and some of the reasons behind it.

Now, you have to realize that other than in movies, I do this too in real life. When you tell me about someone who is always bad to you and makes you feel bad, I always find a way to side with the “bad guy”

You see, people have different personalities and for my personality type, I learnt in an early age that people who antagonize me are the ones who help me the most.

Even while I was in secondary school, the teachers who were harsh and mean are the ones who I do best in their subjects and why is that?

The reason is simple, I feel the need to prove them wrong, I want to say to them with my grade “in your face, b*tch” you know? I just want to disappoint them and with that, I put on my best game and come out with the best grade.

And now, I do that with real life, I have noticed that even when I watch a movie, the characters I learn the most lessons from are the “bad guys, the villains, the antagonists”

In life, it’s easier to disappoint someone than to rise up to their standard.

This is why I love my adversaries; no one on God’s green earth has encouraged, inspired, motivated and pushed me as much as those who said “this one? She wouldn’t amount to anything” I have made it my life’s mission to disappoint them and that would never stop.

And so, when a new adversary shows up, I get very excited and give them the front roll seat. I tighten my belt and prepare my mind to prove them entirely wrong.

I think a lot of people waste the presence of their adversaries; they cry and hid from their adversaries instead of using them to grow. They spend their life looking for nice, polite and sweet people, the ones who would caress their emotions and whisper sweet words to them.

Screw that, let your success attract the wolves instead and use the hell out of them. Trust me, it works wonders…

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I hope that helped you. Alright, got to go now, we will do more next week. Don’t forget to give me your comment, share your own opinion. It might help someone and it would definitely motivate me to do more. And if it’s not too much of a bother, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the blog.


5 thoughts on “VILLAINS

  1. Exactly, my dear, I have also succeeded with these same principles. My greatest motivation is those who feel I can’t make it. I have always promised myself, that if you met me last 10yrs ago and now we are meeting again, I can never remain that same person you met ten yrs ago. I must improve on myself daily.
    Wonderful write up. God continue to increase you in wisdom.

  2. I don’t believe concentrating on adversaries is a healthy lifestyle, mentally I mean. Because, it makes your mind dark and that could be dangerous. Just saying.

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