Last week I got a call from a dear friend of mine whom I had not seen for quite some time, he said he wanted to take me out for lunch and I assumed it was to make up for lost times but I was completely wrong.

I got there and before I could even look through the exquisite menu, he told me that he is having girl troubles. Immediately, I realized why he had called.

He said there was this girl he really liked and they have been going out for a while now but she has the weirdest of attitudes. Apparently, she hardly picks her calls and never returns her missed calls and never calls him.

I paused for a while then went straight to telling him that the girl doesn’t like him and he is a bother to her.

From the expression on his face, I saw that those words broke his heart, then he went ahead to defend her. He said she’s probably busy or doesn’t have airtime and some other excuses.

Then I asked, “You needed my opinion right? Well, D babe nor send ur mata, give her chance” After I said this, I asked him what the girl do for a living, he said she wasn’t working at the moment but she’s usually doing domestic chores which was why she probably doesn’t pick calls most times.

So I had to ask, “Do you send her airtime sometimes?” “Almost every day” he said.

Now, here is what I think, if someone calls you and you don’t pick up, or returns his or her calls, and or you’re neither dead nor kidnapped by “kidnapper Evans” then that person doesn’t mean anything to you. It’s as simple as that.

We are all busy but we make out time for those we make out time for. It’s not complicated; the simple truth is that, she doesn’t care.

It’s a hard truth to digest but it has to be said. My dear friend couldn’t accept it so I asked him not to call her for one week and see if she would call. I ate my food in peace, then went home.

Exactly one week later, he called me and said that I might be right, that the girl didn’t call. I told him to send her a text message explaining his displeasure and he did.

I do not know the fate of that relationship but one thing is for sure, some single people are not emotionally available, they might not be dating anyone but still they are very much unavailable.

Also, some adults aren’t emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship, they want to play games and fool around. So, if you want a serious relationship don’t get into it with a man-child or a woman-child.

Get someone who has their head screwed on right. Put your feelings aside and observe their attitudes objectively, you will see it. If they can’t give you the proper attention you need, then don’t indulge them.

Spell it out to them, call them out on it and give them the opportunity to treat you with respect and value but if they can’t, my dear, get yourself out of that relationship because sweetheart, you are too grown to be playing the hide and seek game…


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20 thoughts on “UNAVAILABLE

  1. I love the explanation of sometimes; leaving out emotions to critically study the relationship to understand its prospect.

  2. Every relationship has different expectations, but one thing is for certain: you should only be doing things with your partner that you are 100 percent comfortable with and ready for. Intimacy can be a great part of your relationship, and it can help you connect with your partner. Healthy partners communicate often and always check in when they think you might be uncomfortable. People who love you don’t pressure you or shame you for not doing what they want.moreover,l urgent every young man or woman to fellow their mind,and hook up to decent and working class spouse.

  3. True talk. Many are victim of this kind. Relationship is like studying to attain a good result in life. One should be able to know when their partner is happy or not,busy or less busy,occupied or not. Understanding matters a lot in every relationship. Crave and Lust leads many into this kind of mess. Take ur time in making ur choice

  4. Bobi Victor Ochuko says:

    You ve told him the honest truth ,but the guy is interested in the girl seriously hence the defence. As a friend ask him to look elsewhere. His own is still out there.

  5. It happens to many. The truth is never rush or force urself on any man or woman. Good Relationship cannot go well without planning(studying),understanding n love. Crave n Lust have lead many into this kind of mess. Think well,and don’t b in a rush making ur choice of partner.

  6. aruateta nice says:

    I really observed something about d unavailable i just read. But i will like to talk with d author on some issues i need her advice.

  7. Damn,you right girl..thats just waste of your time and card especially if he cant take a minute or two to get through to you a day,then you aint worth nothing to him#karen said#

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