Young girls, understand this, married women often exaggerate about their husbands, they embellish the truth and go as far as calling them “perfect” and they get you going on your kneels praying for a replica of that man who would treat you just liKe that lady is been treated, sadly, these words are more lies than truth. 

And you wouldn’t find this out till the supposed perfect hubby does something they couldn’t keep quiet about or cover up with painted lies. This is made succinctly clear in the case of Tonto Dike, Tiwa Savage, Toke Makinwa, Mercy Aigbe Gentry and a lot others, this post is not intended to bring disrespect to these beauties as I have only love and respect for them.

The truth is that women love to gush about their men and that’s not wrong, “oh my hubby is perfect” “oh my hubby just bought me a range rover” “hmmm you need to see the gown my hubby just bought me” “my boo drops me off anywhere i want to go” we cover for them and make them look good and better than they actually are. This is not wrong, what is wrong is you fooling yourself that all what a woman says about her man is true.

This is a generation were women are being used as punching bags by men with incredible low self-esteem. Women are being battered and bruised after which they clean up and come out with smiles on their faces and yet another façade of a happy marriage.

Instead of praying for that lady’s kind of man, pray for the right man, pray for the man who loves God and thereby would love and respect you. The thing about your destined man is that he wouldn’t be perfect because let’s face it, no one is.

A man cannot be all that you need him to be, you alone have to decide what is most important to you in a man and if he has that, then he is your man.

Some men aren’t tall and incredibly charming, both will treat you like a goddess, some men aren’t financially rich but has visions that are higher than them and they pursues it daily. Some men can’t read both will raise God fearing children with you and are super caring.

There are men who aren’t affectionate, they can’t say the words “i love you” to save their lives, but will provide for your every need, you would be a priority to them and after God you would always come first with them.

Everyone has their individual strengths and weaknesses, celebrate their strength and then cautiously and gradually work on their weaknesses.

And same can be said for women too, she can’t be perfect, that image in your head is pure fiction and therefore, not accomplishable. People come with their baggage, be a grown up and deal with that.

All you need in a relationship is love, understanding and commitment. With all of these, you can make any relationship work; if the both of you can commit and dedicate your time to each other then you both can surmount all odds and make it work…



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