Do you know that when your expenditure is higher than your income then by all reasonable indications you are actually poor? Yes, that’s the truth.

If A is earning one hundred and fifty thousand naira a month and B is earning just fifty thousand naira a month but A has the expenses of two hundred thousand naira and B has an expenses of thirty five thousand naira, then by the right flow of thought, B that is earning fifty thousand naira could as well be said to be richer than A.

What I have realized of recent is that most Nigerians spend more than they have and at first, I tried to ascribe that to the present economy, then, I wondered if it was the administration but the thought I decided to hold was that it has more to do with our responsibilities.

For an average Nigerian man, his money is never enough, you give him a hundred thousand today, tomorrow he is crying hunger ooo. The reason is because, he has too many responsibilities.

You see a family of five, this is including the father and mother, and the man is earning fifty thousand a month, inside that fifty thousand has house rent, school fees, school uniforms, food allowance, medical fees, transportation fees, clothes and on top of all that, madam is pregnant with the forth kid and Oga has a girlfriend outside and his monthly salary is fifty thousand. And that’s minus extended family palava.

How is a man like this supposed to be comfortable? They used to say, sew your coat according to your size, now people with very high reasoning has changed it to sew your suit according to your material. “if na only bowtie your material reach, manage am”

You can’t spend what you don’t have and you shouldn’t. In this country when one person in the family starts to make out something reasonable for himself, he is immediately dragged down by his family because mummy and daddy had twelve children and you are the only one who can manage a three square meal out of all of them.

At the end of the month, you send to mummy, send to daddy, send to bomboy, send to Angelina and before you are done taking care of all your siblings, you barely have anything to care for yourself talk much to save for the raining day. “Who saves for the raining day when it’s already raining?”

Our parents made the mistakes of filling the house with children that they couldn’t cater for, let’s not do same. It’s God that gives children, we know, but it’s not all gift that you take, birth control is not expensive, get some.

We are tied to so much avoidable responsibilities, we keep expensive habits, buy body spray that are higher than our pay grade and keep countless girlfriends that dry up all our money. “You can’t lick all the salt in a container” my brother, leave girl matter and face your future.

Point is; if you don’t want to be working hard and still be living from hand to mouth, then, you have to cut off some avoidable responsibilities. You have to care for your family but if it’s an extended family member, who can be working too, then show them how to fend for themselves instead.

Do not live the “so far dey break me” kind of life, that’s not living, don’t suffocate through life simply because you are carrying with you a load that isn’t yours.

There is an adage in my place which says “when you cut down wood in the bush, be rest assured that you can carry it home” it sounds more poetic in my language but the point is, don’t cut wood that you can’t carry and then saddle another with the responsibility of carrying it.

This is why African youths have it hard because we have to carry the extra wood that our families cut down, then carry our own and even make extra for ourselves too. This is how we end up staying down even when we are working so hard to climb high.

Every product has a high quality and a low quality, don’t say “na the better one i dey use” when you can’t afford it. Cut loose some unnecessary expenses and save that money instead. Your future self would be grateful that you did that…

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11 thoughts on “THE WORKING PAUPER

  1. D problem with most of us Africans is that we are too pleasure loving and we want to appear rich rather than being in fact rich. Nice one Tasha

  2. Most Africans experience a stunted growth because they are more concern abt projecting themselves as being rich rather than being in fact rich

  3. Nyc one, lyk our pastor will say GOD first(tithe), nd ur savings follows, then finally u can spend, u il see hwfa ur income will take u.

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