So, you are unmarried and all your friends are unmarried too. Your boyfriend cheats on you and all your friends are being excreted on by their boyfriends just as well.  You are a stay at home girlfriend and all your friends are financially handicap also. Okay o! Weldone ma, chairlady of the sad girls club.

Babe, you and those friends might not be related but if you begin to notice same problems with all your close friends, then sweetheart it’s time to get new friends because, misery loves company.

Perhaps, as a single girl who is planning to have a family of her own someday, there is need to begin the learning process. As it is said; marriage is an everlasting school and if you hope to do well in school you must prepare well.

Get friends who are married, don’t kill them with your constant visitation but go there from time to time and drink from their pool of wisdom. She might be doing everything wrong, her husband might be the chairman of the cheating men club but you will surely learn something from her.

It would be a lot better to learn from someone who has a perfect marriage_ seeing how that’s what you are hoping for, but we don’t have any of that so it will be nice for you not to get your hopes up.

Stay around married couples; see the pitfalls, the ups and downs, the highs and lows. See the stress of running the home, the wisdom of managing a family and the strength of keeping it all together and this will help you change your prayer point.

You will no longer be like “God, I need him now, this year is my year, I must get married” my dear, you will start to pray that “God send my rightful partner, at your right time and give me the wisdom to see it”

Now, I don’t believe in the saying; “everyman cheats” Men are capable of being faithful to a women, don’t excuse that juvenile nonsense with “you can’t leave a country because of rain, it rains everywhere” shut your mouth! Not all men cheats, but you can’t just pack and leave when it gets tough. Still, first of all, ask yourself; “If I cheat on him, will he forgive me?” If he would, then you might as well stay and work it out, mistakes happens.

The point is; keep friends you can look up to and look up to them. If you want a good marriage, make friends with women who have something resembling of a good marriage and learn their secrets of success. “nor be how you go take collect her hubby oo”

If you want a faithful man, be faithful and keep friends whose men are faithful. Don’t form a cycle of sad girls around yourself, coming together daily and talking about how horrible your men are and oddly, you never leave the men, you just complain.

Get out of the cycle and you might change your karma. If your friends have something of their own going for them that is bringing in some money, then you too might be motivated to work.

My dear, I can’t tolerate idleness and majority of our “today men” can’t either. Get a job and get your own life, it’s when your entire life revolves around a man that you would see all the crap that a man does. We all give our spouse some level of “wahala” but keeping yourself busy helps you overlook most of them.

Go get a job, sell something _not yourself though, but get something going for yourself. Take yourself away from the sad girls club…

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11 thoughts on “The Sad Girls Club

  1. You just nailed it!!!
    I believe this has given a new light to everyone out there including the guyz too.


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