There were things you needed to do years ago but you couldn’t, you put in pressure, you struggled and did all you could but you just couldn’t breakthrough.

But those same things at this present time might just begin to happen for you even without effort.

Does that mean efforts make things difficult? Does that mean putting pressure mutes our desires? The answer is a loud NO.

There is an appointed time for everything. Every vision, idea, goal or desire is for an appointed time.

I personally have experienced this and I can tell you firsthand how it works. Years ago, I tried to get a Radio show and with all my efforts, I just couldn’t but just recently, I got my own Radio Show even without personally applying for it.

You can’t afford to force things; if you have done all that you can, if you can sincerely say that there is no more you can do, then, pause.

I know this is not the usual motivational speech but it’s the honest to God truth, the very naked and undiluted truth.

Now, if you are in the category of persons who have struggled and have done all you could to no avail, l advice you to take a chill pill and give it a rest for a while. Your labour has been registered and it might not yield right now, but it would eventually and then, it would seem like a free gift.

If you have done all you could years ago and it didn’t pay off, try it again now.

Everything has its time. There is a sowing season and then, the harvest season, you just have to figure it out. So you wouldn’t be running like mice in a cage.

I hope that helped you. Alright, got to go now, we will do more next week. Don’t forget to give me your comment, share your own opinion. It might help someone and it would definitely motivate me to do more. And if it’s not too much of a bother, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the blog.


8 thoughts on “THE RIGHT TIME

  1. I think it’s time I buy u at least,,, edible gum…. Nice one dear… Have a sweet week ahead… And by d way,,,, yesterday’s red was on point…

  2. Thanks honey for those words of encouragements that’s what we need in this wonderful time. Have a wonderful night rest. Love you.

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