When you work-out, trying to lose weight, they would tell you. “It’s not just about what you lose but also about what you gain during the process” so, what do you gain when you work out?

  1. Confidence
  2. Goal oriented
  3. Order and mental organisation.

All these are what you gain plus looking fit and in shape and feeling light.

Alright, this is how income is similar to physical exercise. Making income no matter how small, gives you a sense of confidence and when you set goals, you need to have some semblance of financial backup to aid the achievement of such goals.

Income, whether or not its adequate for the performance of your goals still gives you the jumpstart to begin the planning process.

Let me share with you a personal story; in 2015, I got a job and to be quite sincere with you, it came with a very tiny pay.

My entire salary for a year at that time will not be enough to perform the task I had at hand which by the way needed to perform within six months. But I took the job and this was what I realized.

Earning income is another platform to gain control of our goals. In truth, the lessons and growth I gained during my service at that Law Firm is still prominent in my life till this very moment.

I learnt how to structure my finances, scheduling it into different department, giving me the opportunity to achieve my goals chunk by little chunk, instead of waiting on a huge bunk of cash to perform it all at once.

Fortunately, I accomplished my goals before I got out of that firm, other than that, I gained experience and even met new people who became instrumental to my goals.

You have to understand the importance of income and don’t reject a job based on the amount. People complain that there are no jobs but the truth is; there are jobs, not just the kind of pay you want from a job.

This year, set out to get income, get a job or start a business even if what you sell is airtime, just sell it. And make sure it brings income and it will surprise you the new ground it will open for you. And even your mind will begin to work better, calculating and arranging situations to work in your favour.

Something is better than nothing and you don’t have to do that job forever. Make it a short term goal.

You know, the direct bus leading to your destination might not yet be available but there must be other buses which can bring you closer…






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