“My uncle is rich but he has refused to help me”. “My aunt is abroad but she doesn’t help me”. “My father, with all his money has left me to suffer and he doesn’t want to help”. When I hear words like this, I just want to walk over to this people and spank them. How can a grown adult be so consumed by needing help from others that he can’t seem to do anything for his own self?

Granted, having rich relatives and close friends who doesn’t help is like sitting next to a stream of water and being tasty, still, some streams aren’t sure and once you come to the realization that these people have no intention to help you, what do you do then? Do you sit down with your hands within your thighs and lament about it? Or do you go and make it happen for yourself?

When given the opportunity, a majority of our youths will rather receive free money than ask to be taught the job which brings the money. I once heard of a young man who was given two options; his aunt asked him to come live with her after is N.D so she could put him in a job where he would make enough money to save for his H.N.D and also she would add a little for him too when that time comes.

Then, his uncle gave him another offer, he told him to come live with him that when the time for his H.N.D comes he would fund the whole process. Guess which option the young man picked, o yes, he pick the one where he doesn’t have to work, he picked the one where he would be relying completely on his uncle’s help.

However, at the end of it all, his uncle disappointed him. It’s sad really, how majority of the society choose to steep themselves into the help syndrome, how they want to wait for someone to hand them a ladder instead of building one for themselves.

My dear, you can always trust the ladder you built for yourself than the one someone else built for you _that one is unsure, he might come for it even before you reach the top and then your back will be thrust against the pavement.

Knowing people who are financially comfortable is not an opportunity to turn yourself into a beggar. Needing help is okay, we all do, but what do you do when you don’t get the needed help? Because by then you have put your energy on it, you have trekked to his house every morning for the past month, you have waved down his car along the road chanting “baba, help your boy ooo, I come your house your wife say u nor dey ooo”

You have even gotten so entitled to that help that you’re now demanding it not even pleading, you go to that brother of yours with words like “brother, common to help your brother, na wa ooo, all this money wey you get, you won carry am go heaven? Your own blood brother, you nor won help”

What do you do now? Now that your energy is spent? Is it yet time for you to do it yourself? Or do you want to go around more uncles? Do you want to call your brother in Ethiopia? What about the one in USA? You can still call your friend, the yawoo boy? There are more people to beg but I beg, stop it. You are young, healthy and strong, put those muscles to work, stay for a while and don’t ask anybody, get your own thing going no matter how small.

Even the Bible says that the days of thy little beginning should not be chastised; if you try you will be amazed by your own abilities.

PRAY. WORK. BELIEVE. This is a mantra that has been working for me; I believe it can work for you too. PRAY for the guidance and revelations of God, WORK with your hand because God blesses the work of our hands and you have to give God something to work with and then BELIEVE that God can do it if you pray and work.

It’s not so hard but it requires you to pray, work and believe and if you can do that, you will come back with testimonies and soon people will be in front of your own house begging you for things, they will be waving down your car chanting “baba, help your boy ooo”

I like to take a moment to wonder what you would do when that wonderful time finally comes…


9 thoughts on “The Help Syndrome

  1. These words are fountain of wisdom…YES we all have to think outside the box.

    “It’s NOT so hard but it requires you to PRAY, WORK and BELIEVE!!!


  2. YES we all have to think outside the box..
    It’s NOT so hard but it requires us to PRAY, WORK and BELIEVE!!!


  3. YES we all have to think outside the box..
    It’s NOT so hard but it requires us to PRAY, WORK and BELIEVE!!!


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