There is a certain kind of gratification that comes from wanting something so badly and getting it. There is also some kind of rupture that comes from wanting something so desperately and not getting it.

The both are at the extreme, so no, a lot of us don’t like to want anything so badly because “what if it doesn’t happen?” So we don’t want, someone asks you, what do you want for breakfast?  You say, anything you have. What may I offer you? And you respond with “Whatever you have” Yea, it’s been polite, in some case but it’s also not wanting to want.

There is a spirit behind desires, it drives us, moves us and pushes us and our desires are usually the reasons why we work as hard as we do. If you have a big dream, you sleep but a little sleep.

Without that want, without that particular taste for something that can satisfy that desperate desire, then you might not even get out of bed.

Allow me share this story with you; I have this friend who kept complaining to me about been broke and how urgently he needed to resolves the issue of brokeness in his life. After a while of endless persistent, I asked him.

“What do you need money for?” it sounded like the most silly, stupid and idiotic question, even a child understands the importance of money but I was driving to a point so I insisted that he answered me.

For some minutes he was looking at me like I was carrying a bag of crazy on my head, then that look turned into confusion as his brain began to literally ponder the question.

“Well, I haven’t paid my rent, I’m indebted to some friends, feeding has increasing become difficult” he said.

“Calculate this and put the sum total together” I said to him, he smiled and then laughed and teased a little before saying.

“#145,000” I smiled and draw him a three months plan on how to solve that problem. Then worked with him on the things he could actually do at the moment.

Before he left, I told him, “honey, this problem of yours is not enough to help you get out of the bed in the morning; it’s too easy and momentary”

Three months later, he had solved that problem and was already incurring new ones. I told him, get a dream, get a desire, want something, allow yourself and want something bigger than yourself, don’t be scared and don’t worry about how you are going to get it.

Be rest assured that if you can want it and allow yourself to go after it, then you can as well figure out how to get it. A mind that can dream, can also build, it can structure and negotiate.

Wanting to eat and pay your rent is not enough desire. Food is for sustenance, it’s temporarily and it’s constant. No matter the food you eat today, you will still be hungry tomorrow.

The today’s youth suffer from a chronic lack of vision, long term desire and a moving dream. You hear them say; I just want to be rich. I just want to have money.

Well, that’s not enough, desire to change something about your generation, desire to create something that will redefine your country and write your name on the sands of time.

What is your goal? What do you want? What are your desires? Are they big enough? Do they scare you? Do you see them when you sleep? Have you allowed it possess you?

What do you want? Is it just to put food on the table? You are too precious to this generation for you to care about only food and your damn rent. You have a vacuum to fill, that space is open right now waiting for you to want to fill it.

Yes darling, your goals could come in form of short term goals that aid you in the actualisation of your long term goals, you can have goals that you use as a step ladder to reaching your long term desires but never let that little bump be your whole aspiration.

Some time ago, I was saving up the money from the sales I was making from my book, “Lord G Redemption” I had sold over three hundred copies and was planning to go pay the money in my bank account. I held it in my hand for a while and decided to put it in an envelope and go drop it in an offering box in church.

The pure truth was, I didn’t care about that money, it had nothing to do with why I wrote that book but still, it was important that people pay for it because they wouldn’t value it if they didn’t pay for it.

Money is a tool not a goal, don’t let your goal be the money, use the money to get your goal…

Go read THE UNTRADITIONAL ROUTE TO YOUR GOAL this book will help you set goals and then, help you achieve them, stop thinking so little, you have a glorious destiny don’t be tied down by mediocre thoughts…

See you next week.

Love, Tasha.

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