2016 was a year of struggles for me and I had major set-backs. I would rise only to fall again, I was broken and battered and only a handful of persons knew this because I was always all smiles.

In that year, I would struggle; work so hard but yield nothing. I tried to publish a book that year, struggled to raise the resources for the publication and met a futile end.

It broke me, nothing was working and I was failing at all sides of my life. Every aspect of my life was in complete and absolute wreck.

But towards the end of that year, I think few weeks to the end of the year 2016 I paused. I stopped running, stopped working, stopped wishing and stopped desiring.

I told myself, “I’m done with this year, next year would be better” on the 31st night of December 2016, I got on my knees and prayed and when it was the 1st of January 2017 I rose up and told myself “last year you vowed to be focused and this year, the resolution will be more focus”

From that moment I was set for the year, I was ready, so prepared but that momentum didn’t last long before it fizzled into the wind.

After then, whenever I would make any attempt to write, a still small voice inside of me would ask “why are you writing, what have you done with all the ones you have written?”

From then, I experienced a chronic writer’s block, I would try to write but could not and I began to feel some form of depression.

It took a while but I finally overcame. I woke up one morning and I read something I had once written down on a note book which says “the strength to begin again is born in the knowledge of your earnest desire to succeed”

That quote of mine reminded me of why I started and my most earnest desire. And that morning I wrote the post “WHY YOU STARTED” I uploaded that post on this blog in May last year.

Here is the point; to do over is not always the easiest of things. I can tell you right now that you should forget the failures of last year; overlook the mistakes and begin again but it’s always easier said than done.

Still, I know enough to understand that, things don’t just change, people change things.

The space between last year and this year is barely a minute but that one minute gives us the opportunity of a new beginning. This means you have the chance to undo and redo.

Those things that didn’t work last year, try it again, but this time, try it with more and better information.

You can do better this year, don’t be discouraged. If you made mistakes last year, now is time for a do over. If you tried and failed last year, then you can begin again.

You know where you went wrong last year, so this year you now have a new set of eyes, look at it differently and address it better. God bless…






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4 thoughts on “THE DO-OVER

  1. Well said my dear Nat,
    wishes may always remain wishes unless action is put in place.
    Therefore I must decepline (suffer) my today to enjoy my tomorrow

    God Bless 2018
    God Bless Nigeria
    God Bless Natasha Eruteya

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