They say an idle mind is the devil’s workshop but in some persons mind, well, that’s where the devil takes his vacation, when the guy has patrolled the entire universe, he goes into their minds for entertainment and refreshment.

Work is hard, the economy is tight, recession palava but do you know that people are building houses? Do you know that they are buying cars? Getting married, going to school and having children? Do you know that people are beginning multi-million naira Business Empire? Or is this news to you?

“Buhari wan kill us ooo” “recession bad ooo” this words are now silly little excuses, don’t stand in the back and complain about the economy while people are taking advantage of the situation.

During the biafran war, when people were dying of hunger and starvation, some made more money and got richer, those are business minded people who you might call opportunist and soulless monsters but what about you who bought it from them?

This is not to insult your person as you might be working hard too, you might not just be idle because you want to, you might truly be trying to get above the waters. But are you trying hard enough? Are you doing all that you can do? Come on, talk true make devil shame. You can tell me, no body go hear.

You are on the internet constantly but do you take advantage of its possibilities? Or do you just post pictures and abuse slayqueens and slaykings? Do you just make senseless post and cause unnecessary conflicts?

People are selling everything sellable on social media; they are building lives and creating empires? What’s your own purpose? Ask yourself. And don’t bother lying to yourself.

Even God that created the heavens and the earth works relentlessly and the bible recorded that He never sleeps nor slumbers but some person’s lives are basically a slumber party, every moment of their life they simply just sit there and do nothing.

Still they find words to say, “people are evil, they never want to help others”, and the question I’m always tempted to ask is, “whose job is it to help you? when you were born, who did God appoint to you to clean up your mess?” your parents maybe, but they have done their job and have sent you out of the cage, now it’s time for you to bring sustenance home.

If someone chooses to help you, it’s out of their own benevolence not because it’s their responsibility.

Get your mind to work because that’s where the real work is, the first step is made in your mind and if you don’t put it into action, then the devil will take advantage of it.

Don’t allow your mind to be the devil’s GO-TV, don’t give him room to use your mind as a resting place. Instead, use your mind and allow the flowers of prosperity which God implanted in you to grow and blossom. Show it sunlight and feed it with goodness and warmth.

Promise me, that today you will not just read but as well put it to good use because I don’t write so you can simply nod along with me…


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18 thoughts on “THE DEVIL’S GO-TV

  1. ..allowing our minds deter from the route God has placed it on is an open invitation to the devil to come and relax and sip juice inside it!keep him and his cohorts out always!!

  2. “He who doesn’t work, should not eat”. If the Holy Bible can go to this extreme that means we all need to detest idleness as possible as we can.

  3. Nice one dear,
    Having a busy mind and hand that will yield expected and profitable returns is the utmost decision one need to take and implemented as soon as now.
    Thanks dearie more inspirations and insight.

  4. Waoo this is really great. What an inspirational words this morning, i wish everyone who uses social media can really no this. , they will realise is not just about lamenting about onces predicament. But take advantage of it and create a good impact for there is always reword for hardwork, baby am so so inspired by this Monday tip. Am really great full. Stay bless there

  5. Nice work, well thought out advise. The wise will read and be wiser still; the mediocre will take it with a pinch if salt and continue in his mediocrity.

  6. Its better to be helper than a helpee.. Hard work is the key. No matter how soft a work is, those successful in such ventures are hardworkers

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