The term “the catch” refers to a man or woman who other men or women consider to be a perfect mate.

For girls, he is a rich, tall, dark and handsome young man who has spending qualities. To guys, she has figure eight, a backside that could make a pope sin and a beautiful face that will make all his friends envious.

When a girl meets a guy like that, her friends tells her she has gotten “the catch” they are like, “babe, you don hammer ooo, na ur boo get that car? I die!” and the babe will be blushing and feeling proud of herself.

And when brother finds a girl in my description, his guys are like “omo, see my guy ooo, dis ur chic back na bulldozer ooo, guy she nor get friend way be like her?”

Here is the truth, most of us don’t need relationship advice, we need prayers, because, even as obvious as it could be, you have seen two, three friends of yours suffer on that journey of material things and still, you are unconvinced.

Most of us girls have this problem, looking for all the wrong guys, praying for all the wrong kind of things and expecting all the wrong kind of perfection.

We go chasing after material things, men that can foot our bills, men with luxurious cars, men with extra large bank accounts but we don’t stop to think about the other attributes.

We don’t ask the right questions and we don’t consider the things his money cannot buy.

Now let me ask, “what about his love for God? What about his devotion to you? What about his respect for women, what about is candour? What about his sense of humour, what about his fortitude in a storm?

Have you taken your time to consider that? Have you taken your time to make yourself into a woman that every man will be proud to call his wife? A woman who can make something out of anything?

A man with money is not “the catch” and my dear stop looking for “the catch” instead be one, be the kind of woman that when a man sends his fishing hook into the water and catches you, he would do anything never to throw you back in.

Steve Harvey in his book “think like a man, act like a lady” said, “men fish for two reasons, one to eat and the other is to take home to his mother”

Babe, there are so many fishes in the river. Girls are everywhere these days, sometimes when I’m in the street seeing so many beautiful ladies, I wonder if a trailer just came and dropped them from a different planet.

Don’t be naive, your perfect make-up, flawless skin and beautiful dresses will not matter because “e plenty” you have to be different to be special, for a man to fish you out and want to keep you.

Now that all has been said, don’t live your life, like it’s all about attracting the right man. Live it like it’s all about being a good  person or maybe the best person…


This write up came with some edited excerpts from chapter eight of my book ROSES AND ITS THORNS. Have a blessed week and do subscribe to the blog by screwing to the button of the page, type down your email address and click on SUBSCRIBE (It’s free)… and please leave a comment, I want to know what you think. Thanks guys. 

19 thoughts on “THE CATCH

  1. Wow that’s really vividly. The quest for material things, trends and grids cause people to trade off genuine love. Keep up Tasha

  2. Yeah , Character is the foundation for happy marriage because sooner than later the beauty will fade away and the big backside will diminished .

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