Each day has twenty-four hours in it. So, how many of these hours do you use to relax, play, hang-out? How many do you spend just letting go and having fun?

I just want to point out that while you are there spending more time with your buddies, playing video games, nail saloons or whatever trivialities you do with the better half of your twenty-four hours, there are folks working their butts off for the better half of the day.

All they do is work and breathe and you blame them for not bring you their earnings at the end of the day, you call them selfish and you say if not for the hand of God they wouldn’t have one-quarter of whatever they have.

Now, I have a question for you, do you think that God hates you? Because, He is doing it for them, God is waiting for you to get off your butt and do something for yourself, and then He can add His grace and favour to make it exceedingly great.

Don’t blame others, don’t blame it on God, the Big Guy has a lot on His plate, just accept it; you are doing some things wrong and I’ll point one out to you right now. YOU ARE BLAMING OTHERS.

The moment you let that bitter pill pass through your lungs and into your system and then allow it work for you by not corrupting it with any juvenile nonsense, that is the moment you will get that turn around you have been asking for.

You want to tip the scale over? Then forget that I might have just insulted you and if it helps; you can hate me. But above it all, hate your situation enough to do something about it.

So they don’t have empathy for your plight, so what? Who have you heard that empathy helped? You want to sit there and cry like a little girl or you want to go out there and prove them wrong?

Because the proof is in the pudding, it always come to facts, what have you done? The fact might not be the truth but it doesn’t lie. If you have worked and it hasn’t yielded any progress, it will reflect but it still wouldn’t be a reason to quit.

Have you made too many wrong moves? If YES then it’s time to reshuffle and play again because it’s only over when you stop playing.

People have failed, you aren’t the first and sadly you wouldn’t be the last, guess what? Failure is the world’s most unexploited motivator. Just like fear; you know what instigates fear the most? Failure! So if you fail then I think you just got your ticket for a front roll seat to motivation.

Tears are good for one thing, which is to clean the eyes. So, if you have shed that tear for failure, then I think you have shed enough, now is the time to go see what you missed because sweetheart, you missed something, be a man or a woman and accept that.

If not in public but at least to your own self, laugh at your faults, then go change it, it is the beauty of time, it always allows you change whatever you want. It’s never too late until you quit.

A dozen plates of excuses wouldn’t fill your tummy, so do yourself a favour by unlocking the potentials within you. I mean, our society is so tough these days that no one even relies on one talent anymore.

We all multi-task, when door ‘A’ doesn’t open, you knock on door ‘B’ when there is no response to that, you kick down door ‘C’ and you don’t quit till you have what you want.

Don’t get it twisted, no one has it easy, and even if they do, don’t envy them to the detriment of your own goals and ambition, and before we get off track let me quickly ask you, DO YOU HAVE ANY GOAL OR AMBITION or are you just rolling along with it?

Letting go and having fun is alright and it is in the menu of things that are required for a healthy life and so is having a plan and working hard on it.

I hate to be the one to break this to you but sometimes, help is not on its way, there is no parachute hovering in the sky, no one is coming to save you so you have to save yourself and the fascinating aspect of that tedious situation is that, it’s when your true nature will be revealed.

You see that ticking clock? It is the seconds turning into minutes, then hours, then days and before you know it you might just sit there waiting for help and five years pass you by.

You say FIVE YEARS FROM NOW I WANT THIS OR THAT OUT OF LIFE well, with each day that turns into a week, that five years becomes closer, it might just look so far away right now but in reality, it’s right around the corner and I hope that when that five years is upon you, you wouldn’t be asking yourself HOW?…

7 thoughts on “THE BITTER PILL

  1. I just want to encourage you to keep doing the good work, there are millions of others out there looking for who to encourage them to take the step towards their dream, People who will do anything to get the right word that will motivate them, and help them become better for themselves and the world around them. These was how the likes of “Joyce Meyer”, “Jim Rohn” , “Napoleon Hill”, ” Ben Cason”, etc all started. There is no limit to what you can achieve as long as you keep doing your best and keep improving on what you do. Natasha! you are the best of your kind. I have been bless by your blog and every single motivational word you’ve post here. God bless.
    Kelvin K. Oraka

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