A short term goal is like manna, it’s for substance. Our long term goal is the Canaan land, its flowing with milk and honey.

The purpose of a short term goal is to; preserve, maintain, and sustain you while you’re journeying to your long term goal.


The truth is, you can’t count the numbers of trees a monkey jumps on before he gets home. Before we get off-course, let me quickly explain what short term and long term goals are.

A long term goal is what you envision yourself to be in the future, maybe a doctor, musician, artist, writer, entrepreneur or whatsoever you have planned for yourself. While short term goals are the ladders that will get you there.

It’s easy to get carried away by those short term goals because of its daily provisions and then get stagnant in one place without accomplishing what you truly desire.

If you remember your Book Of Bible story very well, you would realise that for the children of Israel in the wilderness, the manna didn’t last into the next day, and that’s because it wasn’t meant to, that wasn’t it’s function and if you also remember, the manna was one of the reasons that a journey which was supposed to be thirty-seven days, turned out to be thirty-seven years! Among other distractions, the children of Israel also got comfortable.

My dear, this is not the days of the old, if you stay on your short term goal for thirty-seven years, you would be old by the time you get to your Canaan land. “Thirty-seven years old man na small pikin again?” of course not!

Yes, it’s rather late than never but if you have the tool to accomplish your actual goal then you should instead of tarring.

There is a proverb which says “if you consider the weeds, you would never sow” that’s too true. Obstacles would spring up and so what? “na beta persin dey get problem, mad man nor get worry kakanini”

For a man whose goal is to own his own school and then decides to teach in a school as a short term goal to gain some experience and learn the ropes to reach his destination but then ends up teaching for another forty years, getting promoted there, becoming the vice principal or even the principal and then forget his true goals by getting accustom to the new position. Is that right?

Yes, he would have excuses, “no one helped me” “I couldn’t afford it” “this life too hard o” well, bullshit!

It is true; life is hard but does that matter now? Those excuses are not pillars, so stop relying on them.

Money is not manna, it can last a day. If that man or woman who wanted to own a school had saved something out of his salary every month and then invested it in something else that would enable him to open his own school, he might have achieved his goal but instead, he complained… “oh persin never see money take chop na the one way he go save? Abegi, na God hand e dey”

True, God holds the universe in His hands, He uses the earth as His footstool, He is strong and mighty and He is in control but He has also put you in charge. The offspring of a lion is a lion and God is the LION OF THE GREAT TRIBE OF JUDAH He is your father and you are a lion, act like one!

Take charge of your destiny, save something, even if it’s a penny, it would be yours. If you spend all your salary, it wouldn’t be enough and if you save it, it still wouldn’t be enough. So, why don’t you save a little? Start today, save something and it would shock you how it would all turn around.

What was that thing you told yourself that you would only do for a while, probably just for two or three months, but now, three years later, you are still on?

Today is the day to rethink it, make positive steps to becoming what you want to be. They say “salary is the bribe they pay you to forget your dreams” well, today they have failed, collect their bribe and use it to go shape your dream for all to see…

Short term goal is what provide resources to fuel the vehicle which would take you to your long term goal… N.E



6 thoughts on “THAT BRIBE

  1. I had noted;No need to wait upon the bigger things of life sleeping. A short term function gearing towards the bigger vision is a plus. Thanks.

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