First month of my website was a great success. Thanks a lot guys for logging in, I’m really grateful. This proves to me that the beginning step is the most vital step of all, it was rocky, I had days when I didn’t even wanted to touch my system but I pushed through it. You all supported and cheered me on and I will always be grateful for that. There were days when I didn’t make my post on time and I get calls like “sup Tasha, aren’t we getting any post today?” small me, giving people advice, well, na only God. Cheers to a successful first month, here is to the next… #onlyGod #smallgirlbigGod

This month’s stats from my website

Days with the highest visit

30/05/2017 (Why you started) next: 24/05/2017 (How May I help you?)

Post with the highest share on facebook

Why You Started (46) next: The Help Syndrome (39)

Post with the highest comment

Why You Started (9) next: The Help Syndrome (8)

Persons with the most comments

Ifewario Israel (8) Akoko Happiness (6)


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