Few days ago, I met a lady who said she knew me; according to her she follows my blog and really enjoys my posts. I asked her how she came to know about the blog and she said a friend introduced her to it. All through that day I felt full, I’m truly blessed. They say the best kind of advertisement is still mouth to mouth advertisement and that’s what my friends and family gave me.

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The second month of my blog is simply unimaginable. I can hardly believe my eyes, this is too much, I can boldly say I know the best people in the world. Thanks a lot guys for logging in, thanks for the comments, for subscribing, for re broadcasting it on WhatsApp and even for sharing it on facebook. Thanks for telling other people about it and thanks for encouraging and supporting me. We made it happen and we will keep making it happen. Cheers to a successful second month, here is to the next…

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First month of my website was a great success. Thanks a lot guys for logging in, I’m really grateful. This proves to me that the beginning step is the most vital step of all, it was rocky, I had days when I didn’t even wanted to touch my system but I pushed through it. You all supported and cheered me on and I will always be grateful for that. There were days when I didn’t make my post on time and I get calls like “sup Tasha, aren’t we getting any post today?” small me, giving people advice, well, na only God. Cheers to a successful first month, here is to the next… #onlyGod #smallgirlbigGod www.nateru.com

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