Siri toss left and right on her bed trying to wake up from a dream, only to open her eyes to find out that the sound she was hearing wasn’t from a dream but of her brother and his wife arguing again.

She went to knock on their door, “what is it again” she asked in her sleepy voice, Michelle opened the door and walked passed her; Siri followed her into the kitchen where she was angrily arranging the shelves like she was imagining the items to be her husband and now bending him to her will. She seemed so puzzled by her husband’s profound thick-headedness towards their issue.

“I don’t understand why he doesn’t see this as a problem that needs solving, it’s been six years and two miscarriages, six years” she emphasized.

“What happened again, I thought he followed you to church yesterday?” Siri asked.

“Yes he did, only to whisper antagonizing comments in my ear all through, the Prophet wants to see us at the close of the service today but he wouldn’t come with me, he insist on going to his church” Michelle spat out without pausing for breath.

Siri noticed the emphatic use of the words “his church” indicating that she has converted to the new church.

In regards to going to the new church, Siri is very much with her brother, she doesn’t understand why Michelle can’t pray in her own church and having to seek out miracles from different churches but she does understand how desperation works and how frustration must be blurring her judgment into unrecognizable tiny dots, nevertheless pointing this out will be at extreme peril.

In this situation, she didn’t know what to say to her; Mudia wouldn’t and shouldn’t be made to go to that church against his will but he surely should appear more supportive.

Siri left Michelle in the kitchen and went to her brother, who was now sitting on his bed with his hand on his chin, wiggling his feet and compulsively repressing his anger.

She tried to convince him to go with his wife but he wouldn’t hear of it, he barked at her and she sprinted to her feet. Though her big brother had never once hit her, it doesn’t make her any less terrified of his anger.

Standing by the door, she told him to find a way to be on better terms with his wife, “it is a difficult time and you both have to be united” she also advised him to go see a different doctor, talk to his pastor and pray instead of repressing it all and making it seem like Michelle is the only one worried about the situation.


At 9A.M, they were all dressed up and they drove to church together in Mudia’s car, Michelle wasn’t happy about it but her husband had find a way to convince her to come along and probably came to a form of compromise.

Michelle and Mudia were in the pastor’s office after closing and Oyoma was still at the newcomers meeting, not that it was her first time in the church but she goes every time they call for new members because they give out free snacks.

Siri stayed by the car waiting for them, trying fruitlessly to call Kate who wouldn’t pick up, she then chatted Jeff up on her phone; he said that he just left his church and now meeting up with his friends that he would come see her in the evening.

The thought of Kate and how she was yesterday, weigh her down, and she was sure it had something to do with her uncle, though she doesn’t believe the rumours but still she was certain that her relationship with her uncle must involve some impropriety.

Kate had told her the story before, how her parents died, and how badly she had been treated by her relatives only to be rescued by her uncle” but there were too many loopholes to the story that she was unable to see at that moment.

Siri put her phone back in her pocket when a church member walked up to her. She knows the young guy, Adeyinka, has a massive crush on her and she tried her best not to encourage him to declare his love for her. He would always smile chirpily whenever he sees her making her very uneasy.

“How are you?” Yinka asked smiling.

“I’m alright” how are your parents? Siri asked.

“They are fine, I saw you the other day at submit junction, I called you but it was like you didn’t hear me, I wanted to call you on the phone but I realized I didn’t have your number” he rapped out like he had rehearsed it.

“Oh! Too bad” Siri responded sharply, looking around for something or someone that will save her from the next question which she already knew. She doesn’t want to give him her phone number, because he would disturb the hell out of her and she wished her phone will ring to distract her but there was no such luck.

“I’m creating a group-chat for all the church youths, can I have your number so I can add you” Yinka asked.

Siri didn’t expect him to be that tactful but still wasn’t willing to hand him the phone number.

Luckily for her, her brother and his wife walked up to them, after Yinka greeted them and they in-turn inquired of his family’s wellbeing, he timidly shimmered away without persisting for the phone number anymore.


Someone is crushing on Siri. What do you think, Adeyinka or Jeff??? See ya tomorrow…


After Jeff dropped Siri off at Kate’s home and he went back to his mother’s house in a foul mood. He needed an explanation for his mother’s impractical demands, he knows there is no reason that will be good enough to derail his unchallengeable love for Siri but he still needed to confront his mother about it.

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When Siri and Jeff drove into the parking space of Jeff’s mother’s bungalow; Siri felt her heart pound faster, he held her hands and they walked in together. His mother must have heard them drive in because she ran to the door and hugged Siri fiercely even before any introduction was made, immediately wiping off Siri’s nervousness.

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When Siri got home, she heard Michelle’s voice from the door, from the sound of it, she was quarreling with her husband and it was about the baby issue. Siri stood by the door for a while then proceeded with caution; she was sneaking into her room to avoid getting caught in the crossfire when Michelle walked out of her room.



It was a month later and things have been perfect between Siri and Jeff. They see each other every day and she had told Michelle about him, Siri has been all smiles and no frowns since she met him and at times when she got bad news from her interviews, she still went home happy.



Siri was lucky to make it to her place of interview in time but sadly, she was in such a sour mood that she wasn’t sure what the interviewer’s impression of her would be. The venue of her interview wasn’t so far from her best friend, Kate’s home, so she stopped by.