SPIDER dance

Have you heard? They said that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, bought Mrs. Buhari two cars.

Senator Isah Misau told the Senate Ethics Committee on Wednesday that he had papers that shows that the police Chief bought two vehicles for Mrs. Aisha Buhari through her ADC.

Ok, this accusation is been described as outright falsehood due to the running feud between Senator Isah Misau and the IGP Ibrahim Idris but my question is “if there is no cockroach in Oga IGP’s cupboard why hasn’t he requested Senator Isah Misau to present his “paper evidence?”

Abi, is this one just another plore to give us a political run around?

Our Aunty First Lady denied this claim by tweeting “I still use my personal cars” ok, we have heard and we really like to believe that but we like evidence, we want to see it.

While, the Senior Special Assistant to our Presido skipped the question when he was asked on channel’s television by saying “I don’t work in the office of the wife of the president, I am not aware of these issues”

The Force Public Relations Officer, Jimoh Moshood, said the claim were “misleading unfounded, a deliberate attempt to misinform the public and drag the name of the wife of the President and Commander in chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the that of the IGP into a controversy”

But wait oo, didn’t someone said he had actual paper evidence? Why are you not demanding to see it? If these people were entertainment celebrities I would have said this is a publicity stunt but what can one call this one now? Spider dance?

They said the request that was made was for police personnel in the convoy of the wife of the president and that was in January. Two vehicles, Toyota sienna bus and Toyota Hiace bus which were approved by the Inspector General of Police.

This are all very nice claims and defences but all we want to see is that very sexy paper evidence that our Uncle Senator talked about.

We deserve evidence, Nigerians biko, demand for evidence, this is too much. Things can’t just keep happening like this and we will just fold our hands behind our backs and watch…

5 thoughts on “SPIDER DANCE

  1. No evidence paper, the senator is a lair what is wrong if the igp gives the first lady two vehicle to protect her in her convoy?,to me Nigerian should focus on the 20 billion accusation the igp receives every month they should ask misau to present his evidence.

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