Hello babe, how are you today, hope you are well and your boo is doing alright? I have to tell you something and it’s that side-chic nonsense you keep talking about.

I know you believe that there is something called “main chic” and another called “side-chic” and you believe that guys can have a main chic which means, “serious girlfriend” and side chic which means “flings and part time babe”

We were talking the other day when you talked about how your boyfriend’s side chics are posting pictures on facebook with your boyfriend just to spite you and how the other side chic tagged him in her post, I wanted to point something out but held it back because it wasn’t just the both of us there.

Well, my darling, you are a fool if you think there is one concept called “side-chic” if that boo is telling you that you are is main chic, why can’t he tell Angela the same? My love, you are all his main chics. Forgive my language and don’t be offended, I love you that’s why I’m saying this.

Maybe there is a way I can say this nicely but I don’t think niceness will help you understand how deeply you are being fooled.

The other day, he called you and told you not to come to his house that his side chic was around, he said he was only trying to get her to bed and that he has no other interest in her and you believed him.

The day before that he pointed to that fine babe that he had slept with her and she want more of him and you laughed. My sister, he is pointing to you and saying the same thing to other girls. It’s bad of me to know this and not tell you.

I know you were laughing with the other girls on Tuesday, talking about how your boo is just playing with those other girls but you don’t know, he is playing with you too.

That night you called me on the phone sobbing and talking about how disrespectful he is being to you, I didn’t want to add kerosene to an already burning fire, so I held my tongue. My darling, I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you were right, bros has no respect for you and worst of it all, it’s your fault.

I’m not trying to hurt your feelings but I have to tell you this, the first time he told you about his side chic, he was testing you to see your response and you failed, you gave him reasons to believe that he can do something like that.

We both know it, some guys can flirt and have a million side-chic but if he doesn’t make attempt to hide it from you then he has no respect for you. I understand, you love him, so your better judgment has been compromised and what kind of friend would I be if I don’t tell you?

Oya, wipe those tears, all hope is not yet lost, you made him loss respect for you now it’s time to regain it. And you can only do that by being brave, keep love for corner, you be correct babe, nor come dey fall your hand. Oya, call am sit down make you tell am say “I’m either your only chic or go find another chicken to chop”

Come on baby, there is no such thing as main chic or side chics, you are either the only chic or else, it’s just games. If he loves you then he should show you a little respect. Alright honey, talk to you some other time. Love ya…


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25 thoughts on “SIDE-CHIC

  1. The write up may look illarious but that’s the basic truth. My dear make the purpoe of ur relationship known because when the purpose is not known biased becomes unabused. More inspiration dear

  2. The truth must be said and I love how you say it with humour so everyone’s mind can be relaxed while it sink in softly. I learnt so much from this post. God bless u ma

  3. Nice post. I don’t know why some ladies settle for less and not appreciate their selves more. Some are even of the opinion dat u stay with a guy even if he cheats because dey believe all men cheat. Well the origin of side chick and main chick began with this ideology I guess. If only ladies will learn the importance of self love and self value. Thanks Tasha for this beautiful piece.

  4. Of ‘main chic and side chic’, it can’t get more hilarious! Now I have some new terms to use, all thanks to Tasha. I am going to bed tonite with a smirk on my face, lol

  5. Some side-chic last longer than main chics. The truth is, this side chics are nicer than main chics because they have hope to become main chic someday

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