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Like the grooming of a child, the accomplishment of one’s goal could take a village. Directly or indirectly, it takes contributory efforts to get to our financial destination and to achieve our lives goal. While some have persons who aggressively push them toward their goal others might not and I’m here for them, for you.

To help you succeed in your life’s quest, I bring you weekly motivations. Different situations always calls for different approach and because of that, every week is different, with same goal in view.

Some weeks comes with calm inspiration, while other weeks bring you a belligerent approach, laced with unmitigated words that some might considered discourteous. Don’t get offended, we chastise because we care and we also understand the evil of hardship and the need to eradicate it from our society.

While no one likes to be insulted, a lot of persons act better with it, they want it to stop and because of that, they make moves to put their adversaries to shame. I’m here and willing to take the fall if it will help you accomplish your goals, so feel free to hate me. The job of a motivator is not to seek instant love and appreciation, when you feel the effect of the technique, you will love me.

This is what I’m here for, on Mondays I cook you up with what you need to get the best from the week with my MONDAY MOTIVATIONS then on WEDNESDAYS, you get more than you bargained for when I insect myself into your relationship dramas and blithely disregard your privacy by talking about your LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.

My posts aren’t for the faint at heart; I’m not here to caress your emotions with every post. Rather, I’m here to motivate you, to give you one less excuse why you aren’t getting the best out of life.

Avail yourself with the opportunity which my MONDAY and WEDNESDAY post brings you and on FRIDAYs ask questions about your CAREER or RELATIONSHIPS.

I give you the community of support; all you need do is take it…



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