Pride can bring a relationship crumbling down faster than a bomb, everything might be going well, but once you let your pride get in the way, it immediately stops.

You see couples in a fight with each other, and none of them can pick up the phone to resolve the issue. Your pride makes you think that if he can’t pick up his phone to call you then why should you?

While he is telling himself “she nor fit even send small text, na that yahoo boy dey catch her” You tell your guys that her thought hardly crosses your mind while the God’s holy truth is that “d babe don rent room and parlour for ur brain”

Now, the real question is; why can’t you both get over yourselves and tell each other the truth about how you feel? Well, it’s called pride and it takes more from you than it can ever give to you.

That silent moment you are going through right now in your relationship could be brought down by just a single word from either of you. My dear, it doesn’t matter who said what to who, if you love each other, stop being babies and pick up the phone.

Chances are, if you keep waiting for the other person to come out of his shell to break the silence, it might never happen and that’s not because you don’t love each other, it’s because you are but ripe with pride.

That beautiful and nurturing relationship will just be gone and even if finally you try to make it work again, it might be too late, so act now, with every seconds and minutes that gets in the way, you risk the chance of further complicating the situation.

Pride and ego are the undoing of good relationships. Don’t let it come and ruin yours, don’t leave room in your heart for it to kill that good thing you have.

So, don’t be too proud to say “I love you” never be too proud to say “oya e don do, nor vex nau, abeg, abi you wan make I buy u vesper?”

That power struggle which pride is installing in your relationship will murder it, so please chase it away right now, don’t welcome it in. “I told you not to do this, I told you not to do that” instead of being bossy, be loving, it will do your relationship more good.

I’m not in your relationship, I don’t know what it’s worth to you but I’m hoping it’s worth more than your silly pride…


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20 thoughts on “RIPE WITH PRIDE

  1. So, don’t be too proud to say “I love you” never be too proud to say “oya e don do, nor vex nau, abeg, abi you wan make I buy u vesper?” lol, u are very right, its easy to cover these things with humor

  2. 1. Pride.
    This is the natural tendency in every human being to refuse to accept that he or she is wrong. Yes, I may be right but I need to consider the fact that from the other person’s perspective, I may be wrong as well. It is not a matter of knowing who is wrong, but a matter of humbling myself to accept that I am not perfect.

    As As long as humans live together, there are bound to be moments of friction, disagreement, misunderstanding and tension. Most times, disputes begin unintentionally like little sparks of fire but when not properly managed, they begin large balls of fire capable of bringing down whole communities

  3. Stanley Agidee says:

    Pride goes before it fall don’t be too proud to say am sorry darling I love u forgive me.
    U too much ma God bless u

  4. What about if u are d one alwys calling and he has taken it as his right. It’s difficult ma, I don’t think d relationship is what anything to him

    • It’ s like he does not value u and also u have made him used to u coming back to him. Men want to want u more than u want them.

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