Procrastination is the act of postponing till tomorrow that which you can execute today and also need to execute today.

There is always tomorrow, always another opportunity to achieve what you need to achieve. It’s quite understandable, I get it.

I just validated your laziness and slothfulness; did that make you feel better? Did it put food on your table? Or did you just get a beep on your phone for an alert of 30 million?

There is another day but what are you doing with today?  Uploading on instagram and checking how many likes you got on facebook?

Do you realize that it’s March already? It would soon be May, then July and before you can say Jack Robinson, it would be December and I hope you wouldn’t be in a hurry again, trying to get you 2018 goal fulfilled in the late hour.

The fact that tomorrow is another day doesn’t mean you should leave everything till tomorrow because, tomorrow never ends.

There would always be yet another tomorrow to procrastinate your life to but don’t do that.   Because the world is not waiting for you.

Today is yet another Monday and how you begin the working week goes a long way to determine the productivity of the entire week.

So, jump start the new week by giving some of your goals the opportunity of being started. Get out of your bed and manifest that desire.

Dreams are not for sleeping. Dreams are the desires in your heart which you are too passionate about to sleep.

Just so you know, it’s not a HAPPY NEW YEAR anymore, it’s a very old year and it’s getting older by the minute, just like you…







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5 thoughts on “PROCRASTINATION

  1. Kelvin k Oraka says:

    Procrastination!!! I have suffered from this word, i know the burden and lack it leads to. A simple word of advice: whatever it is you want to do please start it now from where you are, not from where you want to.

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