My people would say, “Market women nor dey sabi run rain race” this implies that, mostly, when it’s about to rain and the weather starts changing, these women would still sit comfortably and not make any move until the rain is upon them.

When the sky gets dark, they would say, “e nor go fall jere” when it starts drizzling, they would say “na so e do that market day, e nor fall” till it starts pouring on their heads before they would begin to gather their products.

The point is; a lot of us are like these market women, who wait for the down pour of the rain before running for cover. We wait for the last match stick in the box to be used before buying another one. But there is no wisdom in that.

You need to be prepared for tomorrow, because it’s not just going to take care of itself. Tomorrow is a needy figure, very dependent on what your today has prepared for it.

Don’t believe anyone who says you shouldn’t worry about tomorrow, yes, you should not despair today for something that is yet to happen but that doesn’t mean you should sit idle either.

I knew this girl who was ahead of me in school; she had a business and was paying majority of her bills even while she was still schooling.

You might say it would be incredibly distracting to combine the both together but I rather call it multi-tasking, and by the way, it’s not more distracting than night clubs, drinking bars and countless parties which higher institution students are notorious for. She created her own route and now she’s reaping the reward.

There are truly no already-made elevators to success, you alone have to create your own route to success and follow it through.

Now you’re young; energetic and spirited, you have the strength and if you mix YOUTH with WILL, then you will do exploit. Wisdom is not limited to the old, so don’t wait till you are old and groggy, do now, make use of your time.

There will always be time to party; if you get things in order now, then later you can have all the fun you want. Let’s face it; parties are always more fun when you have your own cash to throw around. Set your priorities straight and stay focused.

Don’t think that you will just waltz out of school and everything would be in place? Or that the world would just hand you a pair of wings and say “happy flying” Get the balls rolling now.

In everything you do, you need preparation to excel, interviews, examinations, your job, career and in every ramification of life. Most importantly, you have to prepare for every of your next step.

Don’t be misled by anyone, youth is not a time to relax and stretch on the beach, it’s a time to prepare and put things in place. Now that your responsibilities aren’t that much, it’s now that your work would yield more purpose.

Don’t leave till later, that which you can do now. Someday is today…


Preparedness pt 1 was posted on the 12th of June, you should read through it for a better understanding of the pt 2. Have a blessed week and do subscribe to the blog by screwing to the button of the page, type down your email address and click on SUBSCRIBE (It’s free)… and please leave a comment, I want to know what you think. Thanks guys.

35 thoughts on “PREPAREDNESS PT 2

  1. Preparation meet with opportunities becomes success or successful, every man needs to do all this in other to have a better ending.

  2. there is never a short cut to success….nice piece. multi-tasking yourself will never hurt you but would rather make you stronger

  3. ” youth is not a time
    to relax and stretch on the beach” Great piece of advice and it’s motivational…..
    Well done ma.

  4. “There are truly no already-made elevators to success, you alone have to create your own route to success and follow it through.”
    We have to struggle our way out of poverty.
    Thanks good words from my Madam in the making

  5. When you prepare now your future will be an easy cake..just like my father bishop david oyedepo..even the bible suggest you use your youth wisely.

  6. SimplyraphSimplyraph says:

    Proper preparation yield success. The best preparation for tomorrow is doing ur best today. Nice one Dear

  7. Behind every glory there is a story (painful or joyful)
    One should always make a good story so as to get a glory. Nigeria stop been completely dependent at youth age

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