Before I started Monday motivation, I had over ten articles already written and that was at least two months worth of articles. Then, I had no idea that my dad was going to die and that my spirit was going to be derailed but I knew that I had to prepare for the unforeseen and when the unforeseen did come, I had backups ready.

This is what preparedness is; considering for the unforeseen that tomorrow will bring. Determined people are soldiers and a soldier doesn’t learn to shoot a gun in the warfront; he learns it before the war.

Preparation is the strongest armory of warfare, and no matter your strength or prior victories, you can be knocked down by the slightest of wind when you are unprepared.

Take it or leave it, this world is like a battlefield, some choose to be soldiers while others rather victimizes themselves and blame all their short comings on others.

Every soldier is always prepared for battle, it’s in their blood and it’s the air they breathe. It’s their basic instincts to be ready at all point. They never sleep with their both eyes closed nor do they knee down to sip water with they face down just like the majority of Gideon’s 400soldiers from the bible.

When you are about to embark on a journey which you are aware of, you prepare, but if you are not, you just give yourself an over-estimate or assure yourself that it will be tough. So, no matter how it turns out, you’ll be unshaken because you have already prepared yourself for the worst.

But when someone promised to take off the work load from you and you completely rely on those words, you’ll be off-balance when faced with the task. Even when you tell yourself to still work hard undermining the promise rendered, somehow your mind will still trick you to be under-prepared.

I have this friend who graduated for the university in 2005 and he’s still very much unemployed, he explained to me that when he was in school, his Aunties and Uncles assured him of a very good job when he graduates.

They spoke with so much sureness that he believed them. You see, he was engaged in a business while in school but because of the expectation of a very prestigious job upon his graduation, he didn’t get as deep into the business as his friends did, because he didn’t allow himself to see that business in a long-term rather he saw it as a past-time.

And after the long awaited graduation finally graced him with its presence, his Uncles and Aunties completely deserted him, they started procrastinating, even to the extent of not taking his calls, his hope and dreams of working in a communication company or an oil company soon became to derail.

He pleaded with them to give him any job that is available at the moment since they kept complaining that there isn’t any vacancy in their companies but none came through for him, all he got were flimsy excuses.

This weighed on him like a ton of bricks, not just the fact that he was jobless, or his business that he didn’t develop or the fact that his friends who went deep into it are now living large but he was more broken by the truth that his family did this to him, people he trusted to the moon and back.

The point to this story is that the fact that he expected to get help prevented him from preparing himself on his own and made him too comfortable. And the beauty of this is, after it got clear to him that his Uncles and Aunties had no desire to help, he started working on things on his own, it took a while but he stood film on his feet and later became in position to help others.

Today, in spite of all the promise people have giving you and regardless of who has giving it to you, take a vow with yourself to stand firm on your own two feet and prepare for your own future. You can do it, “d people way don do am so, dem nor carry two head come dis life, so hold ur side strong” Be a soldier, don’t take failure lying down, stand up and fight resiliently….

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15 thoughts on “PREPAREDNESS PT 1

  1. The family can be so bad, making promises that they wouldn’t keep. I’m happy he surpassed the heart break and moved on. Very encouraging indeed

  2. U are a wise woman Natasha eruteya. It’s true in this economy we all haave to prepare for d unforeseen. Very encouraging indeed

  3. Matthew Aino says:

    U are so gifted dear…its so true..what u av said.more grace to ur endeavor to keep inspiring the youth…bless u darling Tasha

  4. Well said Tasha, its an eye opener to show that; the moment we pet ourselves to people for what they can do for us,that’s the moment we give in to our weaknesses. Everyman for himself oh!

  5. I believe God has given us everything we need to achieve our goals. Even though we might require the assistant of someone else but at least we have to try and continually push Forward.

  6. True talk life is all about determination and self confidence, what you can do for yourself no man can do it for you it only take the grace of God for man to help you actualize your dreams.

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