The need for prayers when it comes to our career and financial goals has always been wildly misunderstood. Many have been led to believe that the purpose of praying is to hand over the work to a higher power.

Yes, this is part of the reason we should pray for our careers, that God take prominence in all our affairs and help us to gain a better result. But the focal purpose is wholly overlooked.

I believe the purpose of prayer for our career is to enter into a partnership with God. How? When you involve God in your affairs, this is what happens; He enables you to do what you need to do for the task to be achieved. He doesn’t take over the work.

Why? Because, what God can do for you, you can’t do for yourself and what you need to do for your career, God is not going to do. The partnership which the prayer creates, allow you and God to work together, He does His part and allow you do yours.

When we pray, we involve God, we commit Him, sadly, after you have gotten the Big Guy’s hopes high for a profitable partnership, some of you always tend to want to leave the whole work to Him.

You keep praying, for God to bless and prosper you and He keeps waiting for you to deliver your own part of the bargain.

To pray for your career is of utmost importance, except you don’t believe in God. I understand that not everyone reading this are Christians, but almost everyone has something they believe in, something greater than themselves, a higher power.

The steps of creating a goal or establishing a career, first starts with an idea but an idea is never given to just one person, this is why, it’s never about the idea but always about the execution.

And for me, the first step towards my execution is first to alert my partner, I go on my knees and involve Him and then, He gives me guidance which I endeavour to follow.

Do you have an idea, is this the year you have planned to establish your career? Are you already on that career path and have you talked to God about it?

Its time to get on your knees and commit the King of Kings_ inform Him. Yes, He is Alpha and Omega and He knows the end from the beginning. His spirit probably gave you that idea but because of free will, He would never assume for you.

If you want God involved you have to tell him to involve him. Then you have to do the necessary work to accomplish that task. Also, you need to believe that with Him on your side, running alongside and making the crooked paths straight, surely, you can’t fail.

We have no excuse this year, we must prosper, we must make it, and 2018 has no other option than to respond to us…






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5 thoughts on “PRAY WORK BELIEVE

  1. Robert Publishers says:

    What God can do for you, you can’t do for yourself and what you need to do for your career, He wouldn’t do.

    #deep #sence

    Thanks Tasha

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