Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses; also everyone has their wants and needs. In enhancing a person’s capabilities, what would be effective is different for everyone.

While James performs better with consistent ridicule, John might need his emotions pampered. While Apkoviroro wants consistent nagging and pestering, Edesiri might need cautious reminding.

There are people who hate to be corrected; sadly, they are the ones who actually need to be corrected. Matter of fact, we are all different individuals with something similar linking us together which is that drive in us to succeed and to achieve that, some of us need cheerleaders.

The best cheerleaders are our spouses, the ones who sees our secret pains, the ones we can tell it all to, and not just the part we believe they can handle.

Now, not everyone reacts to being cheered on, for some, it makes them lazy, reluctant and complacent even. If you give them a dose of soft love, they get weak “oh, i don see persin wey understand my tublem” they love and appreciate you better, you will become their best friend, sadly, you are the one derailing their success, unintended, of course. Still your love is bad on their financial growth.

These set of persons “needs” tough love, they might “want” the-caress-your-head-kind of love but what they truly need, what will help them is a harsh type of love and I can guarantee you that they will resent you for it. But like a child who never likes to take his bath, they would come to love and appreciate you later. You know how you tell a child to take his bath they say “never” but once the water hits them, they don’t want to leave.

Don’t worry about the resentment dear, once the effect of your tough love hits them, they will come around.

The job of a motivator is not to seek instant love and appreciation, it’s to positively affect lives and change it for the better.

Let me ask you some questions; how long have you known your current spouse?  Can you truthfully say that his or her life is better now compared to before? Have you being trying to motivate and inspired him or her? Has it been reflecting in his or her life?

Here is what I think, if you have being doing one thing and not getting a satisfying result then you try another method, like you must have heard; it’s stupid to do same thing and expect a different result.

If you have being pampering his emotions and it’s not being yielding any positive results, then it’s time to introduce the much needed tough love.

“I nor tell you say make you abuse him papa and mama ooo” but you can quit being so easy on him or her, if you are sure that him or her is not living up to his or her potentials.

Cheerleading isn’t just about singing and dancing, the real purpose is to motivate, and push the players towards success. And we are all players in the game of life, we are all trying to score against every opposition and win in spite of our adversaries, so darling, figure out the kind of cheering which brings out the best in your spouse and give it.

A relationship is not all about “I love you baby” “have you eaten baby?” “Baby, I want to make my hair” ask him or her, what they want out of life and cheer them to becoming it.

A well cultivated relationship can lead you to the financial future you have always dreamt of, all you need is pick the right cheerleader and you will be amazed by the wonderful power of the cheerleader in a spouse….


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13 thoughts on “OUR CHEERLEADERS

  1. Nice 1 tasha, keep glowing dear. Motivation is 1 vital key to a successful relationship. Love can only help to start a relationship but motivation and wisdom build it to a successful and loving place to stay.

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