I don’t like boxing, I’m not a fan, in fact I believe it’s just two people punching the hell out of each other for sport and money but then, I don’t have to like it for it to be incredible.

No, I didn’t watch the fight between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor but I was online and it flooded the internet. You are either blind, deaf or unconscious not to have seen or heard about it.

I saw a lot of short clips of the fight and too many pictures of it that I had to Google Mr. Floyd Mayweather, aka The Money Fight. And I found out that on the 26th of August 2017, he extended his professional boxing undefeated streak to 50 victories and zero defeats, surpassing the 49-0 record of his professional boxing Hall of Famer Rocky Marciano by defeating McGregor by way of technical knockout in the 10th round.

Now, I know nothing about boxing but one thing is for sure, Mr. Mayweather didn’t just roll out of bed on the 26th of August and then go defeat Colin McGregor who was also a very great boxer.

He had to have prepared for it and practised. Got expert opinions; learnt about his opponent’s style, methods and weak points.

I’m not a gambler but I can bet good money that Mr. Mayweather, had to see videos of previous MeGregor fights, study his moves and acquaint himself in the science of Mcgregor. He didn’t cover himself with doubt; he spoke his confidence and displayed his victory, even before the fight.

Then learnt how to counter those moves, he had trainers working with him and also he had to be very principled. Eat right, sleep right and take the right fluid.

You see, victory is not over night, it’s not a mistake and most definitely, it’s not by accident.

To get to that future, you have to arrange your present, understand your adversaries and counter them. Listen to advice and understand that you can’t know it all.

No matter your current strength, accomplishments and success, know that you can be more. And don’t get over confident in that, don’t under-esteem any battle and don’t over look any step. There is always room at the top.

You should never over look been principled, you see, I have come to realise that the successful athletes are the ones who abide by firm principles. They train, listen, look back at their last game and see what they did wrong and how to do it better next time.

They might come on social media and try to make it look a lot easier than it is, but never buy into that.

On your journey to accomplishing your goals, you should take a page from Mr. Mayweather’s handbook and guide yourself with it, try to apply it to your own situation.

Are you climbing the cooperate ladder? Then, learn from the ones who were before you, improve on yourself by filtering through their advices.

Do you have your own business? Then, look at your record books, the days that you sell more, what did you do differently?

Mr. Mayweather got punched a lot during that fight and at a point some thought he couldn’t possibly win but guess what? He won, because he was a man of outstanding confidence, he had trained, he was prepared and he didn’t leave room for doubt.

Are you getting punched figuratively right now? Don’t worry baby, the end shall tell…


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22 thoughts on “MAYWEATHER V. MCGREGOR

  1. Stanley Agidee says:

    U should never over look been principled.
    Train yourself in something,u most to do something in is either u work or war.

  2. Being knocked down is not the same as being knocked out! What life deals with us is mostly knocked downs, you only get ‘knock out’ when you let go… When you receive knock downs dust your pants and keep fighting don’t get knocked out like McGregor, keep faith and hope alive, UNLEASH THE CHAMPION IN YOU! Nice piece Natasha.

  3. Lawrence ayewa, Esq says:

    Both are great boxers and both studied eachoda and prepared well for the fight…but there had to be only one winner and it had to be mayweather…we win some and lose some in life and mcmagregor also tot me never to give up trying cos we feel some challenges are to great.

  4. Are you getting punched figuratively right now? Don’t worry baby, the end shall tell… nice one. I really enjoyed it.

  5. happiness Obruche says:

    He had to have prepared for it and practised. Got expert opinions; learnt about his opponent’s style, methods and weak points.
    Practise does make perfect

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