Here is a sad truth; some persons choose to attribute other people’s success to luck. They say, “He is just lucky” “she is just a lucky girl” “their business grow because they are lucky” lol.

This is really silly, I say this because, majority of successful people get to where they are because they worked hard, not because they are lucky.

Haven’t you noticed? Even the lottery winners, how long do you hear their names? They might pick a lucky number and win a prize, but it’s their ability to build on it that gives them real success.

Let me take your mind back to the agege bread seller, Olajumoke Orisaguna, who “accidentally” photoboombed English musician, Tinie Tempah and photographer/singer Ty Bello while doing a photoshoot. You remember that story right? It swept through social media like a hurricane.

She ended up with modelling deals, became an actress and got a lot of exposure. So many doors were open for her through that one mistaken encounter. I guess you would like to call that luck, right?

But no, that wasn’t. Yes, the encounter could be called luck but it could also be called an “opportunity” and I prefer the word “opportunity”

She got an opportunity and didn’t waste it, she accepted it, ran with it and she stood in front of it.

She wasn’t sleeping at home when she walked into that opportunity of a lifetime. She was carrying a massive load of bread on her head. Trust me; she was prepared for the opportunity.

They used to say “opportunity comes but once” and the real luck we have in this generation is the knowledge that that phrase is not exactly accurate. That is the only real luck that exists.

People succeed, you can call it luck or fortune but then, there is also that saying “fortune favours the brave” you could be fortunate but it’s your reception to that fortune that determines the longevity of that fortune.

Olajumoke would be celebrating two years of stardom now; do you think she just kept stumbling into more photoshoots? No, she simply rode on the back of that one opportune event and she was catapulted.

We can’t sit down and wait for luck or chance. And we can’t downplay other person’s success by calling them “luck” we have to go out there and make some luck for ourselves.

See opportunities and grab onto them. Prepare yourselves for it. Olajumoke wouldn’t have problems with the tasky demands of modelling/acting/motherhood/businesswoman because she is already used to waking up early and sleeping late.

Stay on the right lane, keep on the right pace, don’t stop working smart and stop waiting on some damn luck…







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