After last week’s post, I got a particular message on my inbox, thanking me for my post and telling me that he is going to get his girlfriend hooked on it. I thanked him too and told him to leave his next comment on the website instead of sending it into my inbox on facebook.

But something about the message kept bugging me and I couldn’t shake the feeling, so I had to sit down to think about it. What I realized was that; relationship advices are mostly attributed to women. Every day you see marriage seminars being organised for women, relationship talks for women, love notes for women.

Women listen and listen, learn and learn even from childhood. You hear our mothers tell us “sit down like woman; you go marry one day ooo” “sweep like woman, na so you wan take sweep your husband house?” “see food way you cook, na dis one you wan give your husband?” it never stops and that’s not such a bad thing. We are going to get married someday.

The sad part is how men aren’t privy to this upbringing, because these women aren’t going to be marrying themselves “you dey learn Yoruba, i dey learn Spanish but we supposed communicate together” how is that going to work? How are we supposed to be in same mind frame with each other?

Now, a lot of relationship suffers from  a severe lack of understanding, women doesn’t have any idea on how to understand the man and the man thinks women are incomprehensible creatures. Reasons being that: we have different training.

When I was younger, my dad was very stricked about male associations. Even in church, boys and girl sits at opposite sides, then at school if you dare talk to a boy, you are dead, your teacher would say “this girl, this your eye nor dey ground ooo, hmmmm, na God go help you make you nor carry belle”

But few years later, this same gender that you are highly guided away from becomes the gender every member of your family be pressuring you to look for. And when you have found one of them, you don’t even know where to beginning.

How do we repair this? What can we now do about this? Well, I believe in solutions and once you have been able to detect the source of a problem, the solution isn’t so far anymore.

Glory be to God that we are all now grown, daddy no longer says that “if I see you with that boy again, ur own is finished” mom will not beat hell in and out of you anymore and your teacher will not “look you with bad eye” So, we can now get to know each other better.

Open your mind to know the other sex better; don’t be prejudice and don’t judge by what you have heard alone. Don’t push the relationship talk to women alone. Bro, it time for you to get some training too because I know you must have learnt that women are complicated, bros, you can’t learn all about them from a pamphlet…“Our issues are plenty”

It’s time for the both gender to learn same thing, if you hear of a couples seminar, don’t just push your babe there alone “you too follow her go” read post about how to cultivate a healthy relationship and share it with “bae”, then both of you should discuss about it.

Talk to each other; don’t run away from verbal communication like a plague. You got to talk with her, not just talk to her.

Relationships aren’t so hard, women aren’t that complicated and babe, men aren’t the devil incarnate. If you can just communicate on same level, then maybe you can get to understand each other…


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8 thoughts on “LET’S GET TO KNOW YOU

  1. This is truly an old mentality which definitely needs to be wipe out from every Man’s thinking.
    Men and women needs to be educated evenly!


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