Lazy Nigerian youths

A pot/kettle situation is when someone who does something worse comes to accuse another of doing something similar.

A pot/kettle situation is defined as when a ruler blames his failures on everyone else but himself. Tasha Advanced dictionary, lol.

Big NO, Nigerian youths are not lazy, Nigerian youths are not even in the neighbourhood of laziness. I mean, we don’t even have the leisure of laziness.

How can we dare to be lazy? How can we be lazy when in my precious Nigeria, if you don’t work for a week, you might not be able to eat, even if you have been working for six months straight?

Are we lazy? When only one youth would have more than three jobs and still not be able to make ends meet.

We are not lazy, what we are, is tired, frustrated, unutilized and unmotivated. What we are; is fed up and irritated.

Are we lazy? Really…Are we? Among all the nations of the earth, Nigerian youths are one of the most talented but somehow, we have no opportunities and even when we try to create opportunities for ourselves, it is stifled by the ones above.

When a father refuses to train his child, he has no right to come out later in life and call the child a useless child. He should first point to himself.

And to be more than sincere, the generation before this present Nigerian youths did not in anyway leave anything for us. They did not prepare the way for us and so we have to struggle thrice as hard and somehow, we are still called “lazy”.

In a country where children have to hawk to eat, where the talents of youths are wasted and unseen, one should wonder what the people above are doing?

The question I always ask is, why is it that when a Nigerian youth goes to other countries, they thrive there? They are excellent and celebrated? Why?

‘’If my pikin dey piss for bed for my house but e come go stay for my sista house and e nor dey piss for bed dere. Wetin that one mean?’’

Hello Nigerian youths, we have a responsibility and that is to go get our PVC. And since we are talking about this, let me quickly add that we have to be better than our predecessors and we have to create the ground for the next generation so they too do not have to come face this struggle.

We are doing our best with the hand we have been dealt, we are strong and we deserve some accolades…




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  1. Nigerian youths are strong and hard working people…..God bless the Nigerian Youths…Its sound leadership we lack in this country we youths are leading ourselves individual make anybody nor complain o…Peace

  2. Gbenga Ashefon says:

    Please don’t blame the president, we are influenced by our environment. The President’s son is not working, governors children are not working, senators, House of rep, Ministers…, their children attended the best schools in the world but still depend on their Father’s stolen funds for Survival. They are Lazy, but NIGERIA YOUTHS are hard working people.

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