A friend of mine once asked me a question; he asked “if two people with same injuries were sitting at a hospital’s waiting room and one was screaming with unbearable pain, calling the attention of the doctor, while the other was sitting looking calmly and looking relaxed. Which do you think the doctor would respond to first?”

I didn’t answer the question because; it has an obvious answer which made it rhetorical or tricky.

Truthfully, under normal circumstances, the doctor would first attend to the man whose case seems more emergent.

Sometimes, other people get what we believe that we deserve because we are less enthusiasm about it, our approach are more nonchalant and indifference.

You see, whatever you want, someone else wants too except what you want is not good. If what you want is great, wonderful and awesome, then, someone else would definitely want it too.

And if you are not enthusiasm about it, one might think you don’t want it enough.

I’m sorry, but banana doesn’t just fall on you, it depends on how vigorously you shake the tree.

How intense is your pursuit? How much do you want it and how effective do you show your desire.

Wisdom is profitable for direction you know, and no matter the advice you get, wisdom is what helps guide your approach.

Because, to move with intensity and to show your enthusiasm, is not in all situation. This is why wisdom is a divine virtue.

You cannot be acting uninterested at a time when your interest will open the door to your desires.

You want a job and during the interview, you would be acting like you couldn’t care less whether or not they give you the job.

You say, “If they would give it to me, they would. What would be would be” do you know that someone less qualified for that job would walk into that interview room minutes after you and take that job? Why? Eagerness, they seemed like the want it more and would be more efficient at the job.

Call it high service, call it over-do, call it I-too-know or call it your grandfather’s name, it wouldn’t change anything.

Truth is, if you were the one handing off the job, you would give it to someone who seem like they are ready to go the extra mile, the ones who have burning passion for it.

People always say girls are stupid because they would rather pick someone who is showing desperate affection for them. Instead of someone who hides their feelings but my question is; do you think girls have magical powers of reading minds? Same can be said for our desires for our goals.

I follow this hair seller on instagram, Mizwanneka. The virility with which this woman pursues her business is out of this world, one would think she would starve to death if she doesn’t sell the hair but that is not the case at all. What I have deduced to be Mizwanneka’s secret of success is her intensity, consistency and integrity of her products.

Understand the importance of intensity and don’t give your nonchalance the chance to ruin your goals and desires because even the bible said, ask and it shall be given…






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5 thoughts on “INTENSITY

  1. I love this post and it’s so true. Sometimes people who deserve it less usually gets it because the ones who deserve it seem less eager. Thanks ma

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