The second month of my blog is simply unimaginable. I can hardly believe my eyes, this is too much, I can boldly say I know the best people in the world. Thanks a lot guys for logging in, thanks for the comments, for subscribing, for re broadcasting it on WhatsApp and even for sharing it on facebook. Thanks for telling other people about it and thanks for encouraging and supporting me. We made it happen and we will keep making it happen. Cheers to a successful second month, here is to the next…

This month’s stats from my website

Days with the highest visit

30/06/2017 (ASK TASHA) next: 28/06/2017 (UNAVAILABLE)

Post with the highest share on facebook

My Darling Adversary (47) next: Our Cheerleaders (40)

Post with the highest comments

The Stories We Don’t Tell (21) next: Unavailable (19)

Post with the most appreciated picture illustration

21/06/2017 (Miserable in Love) next: 19/06/2017 (Work and Wisdom)

Persons with the most comments

Edafe Okoro (7) Patrick Onome Adhaka (6)

11 thoughts on “I’M GRATEFUL

  1. Bobi Victor Ochuko says:

    Cause of the creation of your blog i ve gain a lot. Tasha thank you. I pray God extend his blessing as he grant king Solomon to you.

  2. Natasha Eruteya u might not know it bt ur Wednesday on love and ask Tasha has saved my relationship. U are a grt person may God bless u

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