I don’t like motivational speeches and write ups, because its tones are always the same. I decided to start Monday motivations based on the number of persons who call me for advice and I realized that I had a gift for that.

And before I started, I promised to never subscribe to that old and regular tone of motivational jargon. And I like to believe I have tried to stay on that lane, but then I realized.

Even me, I’m guilty of this cliché, because even my write ups often times end up with those “it would get better, all would be well, this is not the end, there is light at the end of the tunnel” and all that old nonsense.

Though, it’s not a lie, and your current situation is not the end, still the end depends on YOU.

Here is the saddest part about my job, the part that makes me want to rip out my arm almost every day. That annoying aspect which makes me wonder why you would even click on the link to read the posts I put on weekly.

That consistent “agreement” I have to be frank with you, I hate it and I have been thinking a lot about it and realized. It’s one of the leading cause of an unsuccessful life.

We just agree, you say things like “you are right” “ride on” “on point” and my question is, if I’m really on point, if I should really ride on, then why the hell don’t you use these words?

Why do you just read and walk into the day like a man who goes into his farm without a cutlass?

Why does these words come in through one ear and immediately go out through another? Well, I guess you have the comment box to give me a reason for that.

Stop agreeing when you don’t understand. Not with me and not with anyone else for that matter. Ask questions, inquire and most importantly, use the advice you believe applies to you and better yourself.


I hope that helped you. Alright, got to go now, we will do more next week. Don’t forget to give me your comment, share your own opinion. It might help someone and it would definitely motivate me to do more. And if it’s not too much of a bother, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the blog.


3 thoughts on “HELLO MONDAY

  1. Not understanding each other is a big problem. some of us fail to ask questions, and it is affecting the society at large

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