Hello dear, welcome to this week’s edition of Monday motivation. To begin, I’m going to ask: what is your most obvious bad habit? Personally, I have an obsessive need to watch movies, that’s my bad habit and this year, I had began to drastically reduce it and replace it with more productive activities.

Before I go any further, let me swiftly define bad habits in my own words; bad habits are activities you can’t do without and they distract you from doing the needful and most importantly; you prioritize them.

Bad habits range from: smoking, drinking, gossiping, watching movies, daytime-sleeping, pornography, gambling and a lot more. Remember, some of these things aren’t bad when practiced in moderation but excessive indulgence is what leads to a fatal fall.

Now, let me ask again; what is it that you are investing majority of your time, effort and money on which doesn’t exactly invoke gain but rather reduces you? Sadly, when you become addicted to some bad habits, you find ways to justify and validate them, you say to yourself “smoking relaxes me or drinking calms my nerves” “movies are the ways I unwind at the day’s end, daytime-sleeping is healthy”

I’m sure you believe those words, but the truth is; too much of anything is bad! You sleep while you should be working and soon, you are sleeping on the job. You gossip about everything and you don’t learn anything. And you drink so much that in the mornings, you are too hangovered to get to work.

The worse enemy of success are bad habits; it takes away your productivity, makes you lazy and unrealistic. They are the heavy stones holding down your balloon of success. While others are making something out of their lives, you would be too busy looking to buy a cigarette or weed or the latest movie.

You pay for transportation to leave your own home to go gossip with a friend at her shop “you hear the one wey Tina come do?” “e be like say Abigail don get belle ooo” “that Ese na ashawo ooo”… your friend would be trading and making money but your primary occupation is to gossip. Have you heard of Linda Ikeji? That chick is making money with that talent but yours is “telephone without wire”.

There is a philosophy that the world boomerangs. What you put into the world is what comes back to you and you can’t invest in smoking, gambling, drinking, gossiping and then expect to be rewarded with a six-figure salary.

Set your priorities, figure out what’s important to you and let it be those things that adds value to you and not some dirty filthy secret which takes up all your time and gives you nothing, like a worthless relationship.

A little indulgence wouldn’t hurt, that’s for sure but when you begin to commit into a six hours television series and forget that you actually have work to do or maybe postponed your duties because of it, then, you have a problem. Remember, the people in the television are living their own lives, the owner of that gambling centre where all your income goes down the drain is making his own money and the makers of those alcoholic beverages probably doesn’t drink at all !

You would be like: “Guy sit down there, i drink pass you, nor be you way drink that Easter day come dey vomit like woman wey carry belle. I be champion for drink mata, nor carry me play ooo”. My guy, drinking is not an occupation. You wouldn’t stand on the road going to Benin and then flag down cars going to Warri “na where you dey go, na im dey determine the motor way you go enter”

Today is decision day, like it’s said in the Bible, “choose this day, who you will serve” do you want to remain a rumour monger, a drunkard, gambler or do you want to be financially successful?

The choice is yours and I beg you to make the right one, the road of a drunkard leads to shattered dreams and the road of a dedicated and industrious man/woman leads to a fulfilled future.

You are an adult and so therefore, you are responsible for your own decisions and consequences of such decisions shall be your own reward. It’s easier said than done but if you can consciously take positive steps daily, then I’m sure you would get somewhere that you would be proud of…


6 thoughts on “HABITS

  1. Stanley Agidee says:

    This babe I don’t know how to describe u,but u av said it all, bad habit is the easiest way to failure in life.pls keep on educating me thru this page,I love ur work in fact I like to be ur student.to be sincere, u are the only undergraduate that I know that is so intelligent and knowledgeable u always harass my intelligence I love u

  2. anthony edumogiren says:

    I’m so impressed madam Tash. Keep on the good job.
    Three factors that contribute to BAD HABIT: Family, peer group, environment. This three factors will determine who you will become in future. GREAT MIND, AVERAGE MIND, SMALL MIND.

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