I write because you read. Every day that I log into my blog and I see the site’s view, I’m motivated to never stop, you guys are kings and Queens to me because you have given me more than I can ever imagine – a listening ear or eyes, lol.

Three months of success, growth and notable progress all because you all are the most loving and supportive readers I could possibly ask for. So much gratitude in my heart for all those who read, commented and subscribed, gratitude to you all who went a step further to share it on facebook, watsapp and instagram. In what language can I say thank you? May God send all of you supporters that will promote you in all your endeavours, may your paths be filled with favour and grace. Cheers to an incredible third month, here is to the next. And Happy New Month…


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Days with the highest visit

03/07/2017 (Before You Go BROKE) next: 05/07/2017 (THE ONE)

Post with the highest share on facebook

Why Do Married Men Cheat? (47) next: The Push And Pull (40)

Post with the highest comments


Post with the most appreciated picture illustration

31/07/2017 (SELF-SABOTAGE) next: 12/07/2017 (WHAT’S ON THE INSIDE)

Persons with the most comments

Stanley Agidee (9) SimplyRaph (8)

13 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

  1. Stanley Agidee says:

    Thank u too for giving us something to to react to,we appreciate n love u continue on ur good work.Happy new month

  2. Not always do u get to see dedicated writers like tasha…and we can’t have such opportunity to read brilliant pieces without you writing. I wake up every morning looking to d screen of my phone hoping to get inspired by u daily and u never disappoint me dear…more grace and happy new month dear subscribers to this awesome blog

  3. The subscriber to this blog are blessed because they are hooked on to a writer with incredible insight and wisdom and deep sense of humility. Thanks Tasha. We love u

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