In a very lets-cut-to-the-chase manner, i like to say, a goal digger is a person who desire wealth and success in diverse areas of life’s endeavours and seek the secret of the billionaire minds by surrounding himself/herself with the smart minds required for that successful life.

A goal digger works with passion, optimism, integrity to achieve their goals. They are strong and resilient, ready to learn new skills and eager to pick up new tricks.

With our current economic situation, becoming rich and successful can no longer be achieved via hard work alone. You have to work smart and use the effective tool of goal setting and then be prepared to follow the untraditional route to your goals.

Goals are the guidelines to success; the book THE UNTRADITIONAL ROUTE TO YOUR GOAL exposes you to what goals are, teaches you how to set goals in an accomplishable fashion, shows you factors which are detrimental to goals and then, also, introduce you to the facilitators of your goals.

If you use this book as your navigator, then, you will never miss your goals.

Before the week runs out, I will be send the location of some book shops around Delta and Edo State where you can get copies of THE UNTRADITIONAL ROUTE TO YOUR GOALS get a copy for yourself and someone you care about. You will thank me later.

Alright guys, have a great week and yes, the book launch yesterday was a great success. A very special appreciation to all those who were in attendance, God bless you.

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