Shakespeare said “I always feel happy, you know why? Because I don’t expect anything from anyone! Expectation always hurt”

Shakespeare is not wrong, expectation does hurt, mostly when it’s not met and you always feel happier and satisfied when someone does something for you without you expecting it.

However, when it comes to a relationship, if your partner doesn’t expect anything of you, he/she doesn’t love you and is not fully committed to that relationship.

Now, their expectations shouldn’t always be financial but even that is a part of it. Money is the lubricant which makes our lives revolves frictionlessly. So you can’t wish that your spouse do not expect some financial support from you whatsoever.

I was talking to a friend of mine sometime ago, he was complaining bitterly that his girlfriend doesn’t seem to want or expect anything of him. I told him that there are some ladies, who doesn’t like to ask men for things, though very rare in our society but do exist.

He laughed and said, he loved that about her, but the problem wasn’t about that. Instead, it was about the fact that she doesn’t have any expectation for the future of their relationship.

And with that behaviour, he believes that there must be someone else involved or she doesn’t love him.

Well, he might or mightn’t be wrong but the point remains that, when we love someone, we expect them to care; we expect them to show some ouch of affection towards us.

We expect them to input us into their plans, provide rooms for our feelings, and opinions. In the absence of this form of expectation, your nonchalance would be revealed and your love would be doubted.

We don’t need an excessively jealous lover but we need them to be jealous a little, we need them to be worried or scared of losing us. And trust me; this is not pertinent to ladies only.

Men get jealous too and my brother, ladies need you to be jealous over them; they need you to be jealously protective. Not aggressively or dangerously but just show it to them that you don’t want to lose them.

So, brother, sister, uncles and aunties, stop repressing your needs to show your expectations to that special somebody. And don’t be scared to expect things from that relationship.

If you don’t have any expectations, then you might as well be wasting your time with that person.

Expect her to treat you with love and respect. Expect him to be mindful of your emotions. Both of you should expect the other to include you in their plans and in their future.

You shouldn’t just be an avenue for her to exercise her laziness because you foot her bills. And you shouldn’t just be what he whiles away his time with.

Never embark on any journey without an expectation, don’t keep any association without an expectation. Be very selfish with your time, if you don’t expect anything of him or her, then my darling please stay alone and live your life.

Anyways, don’t allow your expectation to be irrational or above your person’s capabilities, whether emotionally, financially, morally, spiritually or otherwise. He or she might not have what it takes to give you all that you expect right now but if you give them the target, they would work towards it if they care…


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15 thoughts on “EXPECTATION

  1. Expectations should be rational. I believe that when people are tired of a relationship, they will start coming up with an irrational expectations.

  2. I like the part tha ;…he or she might not have what it takes to give you all that you expect right now but if you give them the target, they would work towards it if they care…

    Target brings focus.

    A marvellous knowledge gained.

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