It’s quite easy to guide against some sorts of distraction, when you have set goals and you are diligently working towards its accomplishment and then, distractions are showing up, it’s not so hard to swap it away.

Sadly, there are some distractions which present itself in the most subtle manner and these subtle distractions are what you have to watch out for.

Question is; what is the most subtle distraction that every one of us is exposed to in a major way right now? It’s social media.

Social media platform offers high opportunities, it’s incredible the amount of market one is exposed to just at the click of a button. And it’s an amazing gift to our generation, but just like anything else, social media has its advantage and likewise its disadvantage.

As much as social media gives us an incredible opportunity, you have to also understand how it could subtly distract you from your real life and real goals.

Now, if your goals are facilitated by your engagement on social media, then yes, you should sleep and wake up with your phone in your hands and your brain constantly glued to social media.

The real issue in that circumstance is whether or not you are staying on track, doing the things you ought to be doing online and not just wasting your time with meaningless distractions like arguing with jobless folks who just wants to cause trouble and get you wasting your precious data.

Social media is infinite, inside it has different corners and multitudes of lanes, you have to look for your lane and stay on it.

You have to remember to use social media as a platform to enable your career, instead of letting it become a weapon that would destroy your goals and dreams. Because it can do both, it can either facilitate your dreams or frustrate them.

Most often, bad results comes off good intentions. And yes, something made for a good purpose could also be used to cause catastrophic disasters.

Don’t forget, little elves don’t fly to your house with bags of money when you comment and like pictures on facebook and instagram.

More than witches, more than lack of finances and even more than determinations, distractions are by far the highest hindrance of our dreams.

Don’t allow anything distract you from your goal. In fact, before you log into any of your social media account, map out your intentions first. And then, walk with that map; go in with a plan in mind.

And if you can achieve that purpose with some time to spare, then you can go ahead and indulge in other things, you can feel free to troll on your favourite celebs and watch all your funny videos and even repost some. Point is, know your priorities and don’t compromise it.

I hope that helped you. Alright, got to go now, we will do more next week. Don’t forget to give me your comment, share your own opinion. It might help someone and it would definitely motivate me to do more. And if it’s not too much of a bother, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and subscribe to the blog.


12 thoughts on “DISTRACTION

  1. Good morning Natasha..thank you for this, I normally think I’m distracted but like you explained, my intentions are deliberated before i trigger any indulgence on these social platforms…thanks again for this one.

  2. Kelvin k Oraka says:

    Thanks for this particular article, cause we all suffer from distractions one way or the other! Thanks once again

  3. Ashefon gbenga says:

    Thanks for these words. I intend using my distraction, as my secret weapon to achieve my goals… MORE GRACE!!!

  4. Gbenga Ashefon says:

    Thanks for these words. I intend using my distraction, as my secret weapon to achieve my goals… MORE GRACE!!!

  5. Distration is a day to day activity dat one cannot do without.Its either u at d positive side of it or negative.My advice is to choose d right one dat will profit u.

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