Cup of tea

I like the phrase “it’s your cup of tea” I love its implications. They say; it’s your cup of tea, so whether you throw it away, drink it, keep it, sip it or gift it out, is all of your business and none of anyone else.

Your goal is your cup of tea, how you choose to deal with it or go about it, is absolutely your business. Like tea, goals are hot, steaming hot but if you don’t use it on time, it might get cold and become quite useless.

An idea is what you do with it. If you have an idea and you have had the good senses to draw up a goal to accomplish it, after which, you folded it neatly and put it under your bed. Then, it cannot and would not do you or anyone else any good.

Let me share this story with you; about two years ago, a friend of mine told me about an idea he had for a book. I must say, it was quite unique and absolutely intriguing. But as we spoke, I realized that another friend of mine who this one has no inclination of has once shared a very similar idea with me before.

Now, they both don’t know each other but had the exact same bright idea. Guess what? One has utilised this idea while the other has not done anything about his till date. Do you need another explanation? I hope not!

You might have had a good idea last year and you vowed to make the most of it but you didn’t even venture it, procrastination held you down. This year, you are singing it again like reggae again. Gain wisdom and get to work.

Careful! Because, without care someone else might just drink your cup of tea after drinking theirs. Use your cup of tea before it’s taken from you.

Yes, sometimes the fear of failure might be preventing you from taking the necessary steps but if you don’t take the step then you have already failed.

To talk about it is not good enough, steps has to be taken. They say a bag of coins makes the loudest noise but good money is carried without a noiselessly.

No one wants to hear you bragging about your non-existence doings, show us some proves. You know, words alone do not convince people, action does.

Do you hold a cup of tea in your hand? Then biko, use it, it might burn your throat, it might not be satisfactory but to move is always better than not doing anything at all…







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