Today, you woke up with an incinerating headache, which was as a result of last night’s bitter thoughts about the slice of hell that has now become your life.

You didn’t sleep till 2:00A.M mainly because your bank account is empty, your mother needs money for food and to crown it all, your girlfriend also needs to make her hair and if you can’t provide that, then she might find someone else who would.

Now, its morning, another day, another hell, you called your “guy”, the one who knows someone who knows “the someone” that might give you a job but he didn’t pick up. So you dressed up and went into town without a direction in view.

You are a graduate, you have your certificate, but you don’t have a job, the country hates its youth. She is unconcern about their welfare and when you finally run into your old classmate this same day, that’s going to be the main topic of your conversation.

After which you will try to collect one hundred naira from him for recharge card but the madam selling it will insist that the card is #110 and you will explain to her how horrible the country is “madam, na wa, why you com add ten naira na? Abeg sell for me joor, abi you nor know say the country hard?” of course, she wouldn’t care about your ranting, she too is just trying to make ends meet.

Here is what’s your true problem is, you are “worrying” and the cost of that is mental instability. You no longer have the ability to think right because you can’t defuse your worries.

This is what I’m suggesting, give your worries the opportunity to emancipate itself from your mind, then, go play in the field with your friends. In the course of playing, don’t bring up your joblessness, or your jobless girlfriend or your mother. Instead, indulge completely in the moment.

When you are done, go back home, take a cold bath, then lay down. Of course, you would be physically exhausted so your mind can now work.

This is the question you will ask yourself, “What can I do?” “What am I best at?” “Right now, what service do people need that I can provide?” this is the thought you should sleep with, make sweet love to that thought until you are both satisfied.

You care about your bank status and your mother too, but don’t think about them this night, instead concentrate on what you can provide to someone that can in-turn benefit you.

There is a lot of it out there, there is something you can do, please, ignore your certificate and your country, don’t bring them into your thought this night. Just keep asking yourself “what can I do?” “What service can I provide?”

Worrying doesn’t put food on the table, trust me, if it does, many wouldl be multi-billionaires. Worrying just makes your mind evaporate with confusion. And my dear, a confused man is a useless man, in any situation, he can’t help you.

So, do you want to change your bank status, do you want your bank alert to be “gbagaun, like psquare?” Then, stop worrying, stop being confused, and start thinking constructively.

I can guarantee you, one day, you will build your mother that mansion you have always told her about and that day is not a long time from now. All you need do is kick worry out the door and take charge…


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7 thoughts on “COST OF WORRYING

  1. Truly, worrying doesn’t change things for the better. I like the fact that you privided solutions to the many worrying problems. Thanks Tasha.

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