At the receptionist office, there was a lot of people carrying big brown envelop just like Siri, with nervous looks plastered over their faces; one after the other, they were called in for the interview and one after the other, they came out of the office with sullen faces making the others even more nervous than they were already.

When it got to Siri’s turn, she mumbled a prayer under her breath; and then chinned up for the worst possible outcome. The man from the opposite side of the chair was a hunky looking man, no smile, with a cold stare, but Siri didn’t allow herself to be intimidated, she wore the character of an O.A.P and pretended that she already had the job and this was her show.

The act worked perfectly, she answered all his questions with precision and didn’t for once look down at her shoes timidly. When he was done with the questions, he told her she could leave, that they will get back to her.

She felt confident and very proud of herself and in that moment wanted to call Jeff and tell him about it, “why didn’t he call?” she questioned herself. “Maybe he mistakenly forgot to save my number” she assured herself.

Then she dissuaded herself from that, arguing that she didn’t have as much effect on him as he had on her and after that, she decided to throw in the towel and stop wondering the kind of relationship she might have had with the perfect stranger.

When she got to Michelle’s fabric shop at the market, there were two of Michelle’s friends there with her and the women were so deep in gossip that they didn’t even noticed that Siri was standing there.

“Aproko!” Siri yelled jokingly to them, this got their attention, the women laughed and asked Siri what she had brought from the village for them; she then told them that she had given it to Michelle to give to them.

They laughed, and told her that she and her brother were taking marvelous care of Michelle and that’s why she has been glowing. Siri did well to take the compliment and joined the women for the afternoon portion of the day’s gossip.

After the women left, Siri brought up the issue of their father and her brother, before Michelle, she told her to help talk to her husband but Michelle belligerently refused, shocking a lifetime out of Siri.

Michelle with such a strong opinion, insisted that, if her husband doesn’t want to go see their dying father, then he shouldn’t be pressured into it, Siri was so stunned by Michelle’s reaction that an insect almost flew right into her opened mouth.

“Why wouldn’t you want to encourage him to go make things right with his father? The man is dying, what will it take from him to go see his father?” Siri asked.

“The man would die whether or not Mudia go see him, why does it matter so much, Mudia is not a doctor or a priest?. He sends him money monthly and that’s more than he deserves” Was Michelle’s responses.

“If it was your father, wouldn’t you want him to encourage you to go see him?”

“My father is a good man, yours is not, he never cared about any of his children or wives, and all his money he spent on himself, why do you care so much?” Michelle’s words hit Siri like a lightning rod, everything she said was the honest truth, something they had all said at different times but hearing Michelle say it was exasperating.

She walked out of her shop, without uttering a single word, she was on her way to the junction to get a bus when Jeff called; his timing couldn’t have been more imperfect, she stared at the ringing cell phone, hesitating for a little while before picking it…


Do you think Michelle was right about her husband not visiting his sick father? And why do you think Jeff took so long to call? See ya tomorrow…


  1. She should at least talk to him abt it…to hell is human and to forgive is divine…as for Jeff, I think he is just trying to play important…

  2. By all standard Michelle was wrong about her husband visiting his father. She should have played a better role than that. Father is father no matter how wack he is.

  3. George Jay 001 says:

    Wow I’m in love with this chapter. I’m overwhelmed @ the main character MUDIA. much love 4 this novel and to the author of this great book Natasha, your books are so lovely and it keep me busy when I’m less busy
    Thank you ma’am for your good works kudos…

  4. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    Michelle should have at least talk to her husband to go see his dying father. It will be an act of kindness and respect for his father, even though he’s selfish and uncaring…..
    Secondly, maybe Jeff was having either a bad day or a hectic day; that’s why he couldn’t call Siri on time.

    Lovely piece sweetheart…. so captivating!

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