Siri trudged out of her room into the kitchen, barely opening her eyes, “sleep is supposed to be relaxing” she mumbled to herself. All through the night she had dreamt about Jeff and now that she’s awake, she cannot even remember anything about the dream.

It has always been that way for her, when she thinks of something or someone a lot before going to bed; the thought finds a way to crawl into her subconscious mind and rarely in a pleasant way.

She put a kettle on fire and brought out a pack of coffee; Kate, her best friend introduced it to her over a month ago and she is been very grateful for it ever since then.

She heard the television sound from the kitchen and with curiosity of who might be watching T.V at 5A.M, she walked into the sitting room to find out it was Mudia. After greeting him and inquiring how his night was, she sat next to him sipping her coffee.

Mudia asked her about Oyoma, their step-sister whose mother dropped off with their father when she was very little and ended up living with Siri and her siblings. Siri told Mudia that she was alright, only that she has stopped going to school for a while now and she is getting concerned about her because there is no one there to get her in line academically.

The news saddened Mudia, the young girl was so brilliant and he understood how her life might just waste away because of the lack of guidance, he then told Siri that he will talk to Michelle about bringing Oyoma into the city.

After the brief conversation with her brother, Siri returned back to her room to look over the note she had prepared for the interview she would be going for later in the day.

She has never been good with the unforeseen and not knowing the area the questions will be coming from was bloodcurdling for her, so she prepares twice as hard for each interview.

This will make it the twelfth interview she will be going for since she graduated. Though Kate tries to keep her spirit up by advising her not to get discouraged, Siri finds it very unsettling that most of the companies put the advertisement out for a job-vacancy while they already have persons in mind for the position.

When her phone rang, she felt a flicker in her heart thinking it must be Jeff calling; he hasn’t called since they exchanged phone numbers two days ago and every time her phone rang, she rushed to it only to be disappointed over and over again.

She collected his number too and even saved it on her phone but she didn’t want to call, she perceived it might seem too desperate. When she crawled over her bed to get to her phone, it was a number that wasn’t saved to her phone that was calling.

Hello” she said, using her sexy bedroom voice.

Edesiri, how are you?” said the caller.

No, it was not who she had thought. It was her brother, Evans.

They talked for a while and he cheered her up for her interview, he also said he would be going to see their father later that day. Siri asked him if he could call Mudia to go with him since it was Mudia’s day-off from work that day. Evans might be able to convince him. She thought. After she got off the phone, she went back to reading through her notes.

Siri studied mass communication in the university and would really love to work at a radio station but all her attempt had been futile. The first six months after her graduation and youth service, she had gone round the entire major radio outlets and even television outlets but none worked out. The last one she visited before giving up told her to wait and expect their call in five months but they didn’t call.

Rapidly her hope has dwindled and this year she had promised herself she was done with the major radio stations and ready to try out the little ones, but even those have been very picky too. “There is nothing worse than being rejected by someone you even had a hard time wanting” and this is what Siri had found out with her search for a job.

Her brother says she should be patient that she would get a good job, but she has started to find it depressing that her brother still pays all her bills, not that he was complaining but her conscience was just beating her up about it.

“The future is full of uncharted waters and you can be anything you set your mind on” So Siri has been told but now in the real world faced with the job search challenges, it seems like she had underestimated the severity of it all.

At 9A.M she was dressed and ready to head out. Her brother had already left the house and his wife was prepared to go to her shop at the market, they both walked to the junction together and boarded buses to different destinations.


What do you think? Would Jeff ever call Siri??? Find out tomorrow…


  1. Ayewa Lawrence Esq says:

    Just like me who barely remember my dreams lol… Tasha u are indeed going places and am so sure u will be a wonderful script writer someday…. Just remember to give me roles at that time.

  2. Ayewa Lawrence Esq says:

    Just like me who barely remember my dreams lol… Tasha u are indeed going places and am so sure u will be a wonderful script writer someday…. Just remember to give me roles at that time. All d best

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