When Siri got home from her date with Jeff, Michelle was watching television, there has been a lot of tension between them since their interaction at the market but she tries to move passed it, Michelle was right, still no one wants to hear that their baby is ugly even when they know it, it just best not to mention it.

She walked over to her on the couch, she saw the movie she was watching, Siri has watched it herself twice but to make conversation, she asked what the title was and what it was about.

“Wives on strike” Michelle said, “this lady went on a bedroom strike because her husband refused to speak up for a little girl who was being married off to a really old Alhaji and it is now turning into a universal women’s strike”

“Really? Sounds very intriguing” Siri said, playing along and getting Michelle to tell her more about the movie.

“It is very hilarious” Michelle confirmed.

They both sat in front of the television watching the movie and laughing hard on each scene. And none of them bothered to bring up the elephant in the room; it didn’t take long before their recent squabbles were water under the bridge.

Michelle did tell Siri about what she and Mudia had decided about their step-sister Oyoma and how they would want her to school in Asaba, where they could keep a close watch on her.

Siri loves Oyoma, but, she has reservations about the idea. It’s been such a long time since Mudia saw the girl and truly, she isn’t that same sweet little girl that he remembers, she is now just thirteen years old but has become quite popular in the village and not in a good way.


In the evening when her brother came back from work, Siri went into his room and talked about their father’s situation with him, he said he was going to send him money if he needs that for his medications but he wouldn’t drop everything he is doing to go see him in the village.

His tone was so harsh that Siri didn’t venture an argument with him, as she walked back into her room; she tried reasoning why it was so important to her; the man was never nice to any of them.

When she got into her room, she reminisced on the night their mother died, she was with her alone in the room with a kerosene lantern hanging by the door; their father came in, it was certain that her time was near, he sat with her and after her mother’s last breath, he held Siri tightly against himself, it was the first and only time she had ever seen the man cry.

He wasn’t a good father to them growing up, and not a very good one now, but that moment melted her heart towards him forever…


What do you think Siri’s reservation is about Oyoma coming to Asaba? More of Siri coming to you tomorrow…


  1. Somebody should give me the address of this Mudia,, he needs to be flog to be reminded that we don’t keep an enemy who is already in the sick bed.

  2. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    I think Mudiaga should go see the old man. He should let bygones be bygones, and be nice to the old man at least for once, before he (the old man) kick the bucket.
    I think Siri should keep her reservations to herself, ‘cos I know you’ll tell me tomorrow ??????????????????????

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