Back in Asaba, Siri had returned from work, Michelle told her about Mudia and she was shocked to her marrow. But was very pleased, she was sure that no matter how the visit goes, Mudia would be glad he went.

Their father is an unpleasant man and he was sure to offend Mudia, still, seeing him, will help Mudia not to feel guilty when he dies like he did when their mother died.

Mudia never talked about it, but Siri saw the heap of guilt wrecking him down. Everyone saw it, though he never admitted it. Quite frankly, Mudia had no blame, he couldn’t be with their mother every minute and she wasn’t alone in her final moment, he had nothing to feel guilty about.

After Siri changed out of her work clothes, she sat next to Michelle who was seeing a movie, Michelle brought up Jeff and how in love Siri seemed with him and it made Siri blush. She was happy that Jeff and Michelle had gotten off on the right foot and admitted that she was in love.

Michelle then asked if they had slept together which she said no to and ran out of the sitting room to avoid the conversation; Michelle followed her to the room, teasing her that she must be concealing the truth.

She was about to open up to Michelle with details of the relationship when she heard Oyoma’s voice from outside, they both rushed outside to find Oyoma on top of one of the girls she had been playing with. But the two weren’t playing anymore.

Oyoma was on the girl’s top covering her face with sand, when they finally pulled her from the top, and the girl got up from the ground with a mouth full of sand trying to explain what happened.

Siri jumped right into scolding Oyoma; prior to this fighting, she had already warned the teenager that those kids were too young for her to be playing with and that she doesn’t want to hear about any fighting between them.

Despite the size of those kids, they are really younger and Oyoma is more mature than all of them put together.

Michelle was cleaning up the other girl and apologizing to her when her mother rushed out; her face crinkled like musty old leather, she took one glance at her daughter and went straight to slapping Oyoma across the face.

Michelle pulled her away, reprimanding her for acting so boisterously even after seeing her there trying to find out what transpired between the kids.

This enraged the woman causing her to call Michelle all sorts of nasty names with one particular one that made Siri very angry.

The neighbour-lady didn’t successfully get the word “barren” out of her mouth before Siri covered it with a well aimed slap.

Siri might have the calmness of a dove but she sure has the temper of a lion, one of the reasons why she tries so hard to avoid situation where her temper wouldn’t be so easily trimmed.

Michelle held the lady back before she could retaliate, it did resulted into exchanging a lot of hurtful words and when they got inside, Oyoma got further scolding from Siri and Michelle both.

At the kitchen that evening, Michelle thanked Siri for how quickly she rushed to her defense; and Siri didn’t see much in what she had done. She did plead with Michelle to never take their words to heart and that soon she would be a mother and they will be put to shame.

The thought of Siri’s act marveled Michelle all day, the girl has quickly become more than just a friend to her since she met her and each day she surprises her with the different amazing sides of her; from her wisdom to her valour and it made her feel very idiotic for almost allowing her friend come between them…


Has Siri and Jeff slept together??


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