Mudia and Michelle returned from the doctor’s office more tensed than they left, Mudia slouched into the couch and took over the remote.

Michelle couldn’t wait to share the doctor’s news with Siri or anyone else for that matter, though the treatment hasn’t began yet, she was already so ecstatic about the possibilities.

Mudia said he wanted to go to the village since he wouldn’t be going to work again today, which surprised Michelle seeing how he came to this decision without anyone talking him into it. She did her best not to dissuade him. She didn’t even want to move or breathe thinking that the slightest movement might cause him to change his mind.

The drive from Asaba to their village was about four hours and so he can make it there and be able to return in the evening, Michelle offered to come along but he insisted against it.


On Mudia’s way, all he could think about was when his mother died, and how much he hated his father afterwards. It wasn’t his father’s fault that she was bitten by a snake, it wasn’t the man’s fault that she refused to leave her husband to live in the city, and it was definitely not his fault that Mudia wasn’t there when she died. And in truth, he was angrier at himself than he was at his father, but it was easier to hate him, it made it hurt less to find someone to pour his anger on.

Last night he dreamt of his mother, she looked so beautiful in a pure warm glowing light, just like he remembered. The last time he was by her grave was when she was buried, and he wanted to see her and didn’t see why he couldn’t just see his father too.

He knew how ridiculous it would sound to Michelle if he had told her that he wanted to drive miles just to visit his mother’s grave, even him found it absurd but he just misses the woman so much and now that he feels that they might get pregnant soon, it hurt him that his mother never lived to be a grandmother.

When he got to the village, it didn’t seem any different from five years ago, he drove down to his maternal parent’s home where his mother was buried, and the place look so isolated like no one had been there in years.

He cleaned the grave; there was weed growing all around the side of the grave. He walked by the compound and found a rusted cutlass; with it he cleared out the entire weeds and stood next to his mother’s grave.

He tried not to cry, his mother always called him “my husband” it was weird, but he loved it and it made him feel mature and strong. He tried on a weak smile as he departed from the graveside.

On the drive to his father’s compound, tears rolled down his face and though no one was there to see the tears, he immediately wiped it off.

His father would always say crying is not a thing that men do” and as much as he hated his father, he has never once forgot those words.

There were a lot of his siblings still living in the compound. They have forty-eight all put together and he has only met thirty-one of them.

After all the greeting from his siblings and his father’s wives, he walked to his father’s sitting room; his father was surprised to see him but he wasn’t more surprised than Mudia to be there at all.

He sat next to him, and asked how his health was, but his father didn’t want to talk about his health, he asked Mudia if his wife was pregnant yet, he said Siri told him when she was there that they don’t have a baby yet.

Mudia was irate by his tone, but the man didn’t stop at that, and didn’t hold back on giving Mudia unsolicited advices “marry another woman or get another woman pregnant” he said casually.

Mudia wanted to tear him in half like he was Samson from the bible but settled for nature taking its cause since the old man was already so frail and withering away by the minute.

He stormed out, and didn’t look back. He couldn’t imagine the man’s effrontery, he had driven miles to see him but he didn’t even let him sit down before barging into his personal issues.


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