As Siri returned home from her outing with Jeff, her brother was all dressed up and so was Michelle, “where are you heading off to? hmmmmm you’re taking her shopping abi?” she asked with a cute grin.

“To church” Mudia answered with a straight-face looking like a sad Ram that was tied up to be used for salhah.

“I didn’t know we had service today” Siri said.

“We are not going to our church, Mudia finally agreed to come with me to that other church” answered Michelle.

Siri was stunned by the mighty power of a woman. She smiled and mocked her brother for finally agreeing to go after he so obstinately rebuffed the idea; Mudia chased her around the sitting room while Michelle laughed at the both of them.

As the two siblings finally stopped chasing each other around the living room like playful kids, Michelle suggested that Siri could come along if she wanted to. But Siri said a big “no” to that “you guys should have fun” she said to them as they walked out the door.


It was just Siri and Oyoma in the house and she was helping Oyoma with her homework. Oyoma had a long way to go but was improving rather quickly.

Kate came by while they were still at the dining table working on Oyoma’s homework and so Siri introduced Oyoma to her friend then left her to it and went to seat with her friend in the sitting room.

Siri was surprised to see Kate, seeing how she just left her place but Kate’s facial expression suggested that she was in a bad mood, Siri has seen that look on her before, and always she would say she is fine and later cover it up with a joke.

“Are you okay?” Siri asked.

“Of course, the house is just boring and I wanted to meet Oyoma” Kate said.

“Oh, that’s nice; I thought your uncle was back at home already when we dropped you off?” Siri asked while scrolling through the T.V channels.

Kate turned her face to look at Siri with a sad smile that quickly faded away before Siri could turn from the television.

Kate, you’re not okay, are you having any trouble with your uncle?” Siri asked putting down the television remote and then asking her sister to go study in the room to give Kate the freedom of expressing herself.

Siri had always felt there was more to Kate and her uncle’s relationship but she never quite understood it. Still a lot of things didn’t add up to the story, other than the fact that the uncle is a chronic bachelor and Kate’s insistent on not having any sort of relationship with any boy which she assumed was because of her moral and religious belief.

Over the years, Siri has started to believe that there must be some semblance of truth in the rumours.

The speculations started when they were still in school, some students said that Kate’s uncle wasn’t really her biological uncle, instead he was her “sugar daddy” but Siri didn’t quite believed it and quickly shunned down the rumour mongers who whispered it in her ears.

She doesn’t know how to ask the question and if perhaps her suspicion turns out to be wrong, then it might cause an irreparable crack on their friendship. So she thought it might be unwise to ask and then bolted her lips…


What could be between Kate and her Uncle? Can the speculations be true? See ya tomorrow…

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